Considerations Before Volunteering for a Charity

Considerations Before Volunteering for a Charity

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Many of us want to give back to society somehow but can't necessarily afford to donate money to worthy causes. Volunteering for a charity is a good alternative. The following questions will help you determine if you’re ready to become a volunteer.

What are your interests?
Start by looking for charities that match your interests. For example, if you're interested in...
· Kids, you can become a big brother/sister
· Construction work, you can build low-cost housing
· Animals, you can work at an animal shelter
· Surfing, you can clean up beaches

What are your opportunities?
There are a lot of volunteer opportunities around you. If your workplace has ties to charities, you can ask your supervisor if there are any cookouts organised to raise funds for underprivileged kids. There are many other ways to find a charity. Your local church, local newspapers and TV news programs, and even recommendations from friends and family can direct you toward charities that need your help.

How are the charities you’re considering?
Before you volunteer, research charities just as you would if you’re donating money. Make sure you're putting your hard work into a legitimate and financially viable charity. In addition to this, investigate the success of the charities' programs. Then, make a final list of potential charities that includes only those that are working toward or reaching the goals they set out to accomplish.

What can you offer?
At this point, contact the charities in your list to figure out what their volunteer needs are and if your interests and skills match those needs. Oftentimes, charities will ask you to come in for an interview. Depending on what your skills are, you might even be asked to go through training once you’re accepted as a volunteer.

When applying to be a volunteer, it's important to take note of the following considerations:
· Level of personal fulfilment you expect to gain
· Skills you possess that will help the charity
· Tasks you’re unwilling or unable to perform
· Days and times you’re available
· Free time you have to volunteer

Can you commit yourself to the charity?
Once you choose a charity and are accepted as a volunteer, you should commit yourself to it. If you want to help the charity, you need to be passionate about its cause.

Whatever charity you choose to volunteer for, you'll be helping a good cause and, at the same time, helping yourself. It’s because doing something for the common good is the most fulfilling experience of all.


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