Common Tree Myths Debunked

Common Tree Myths Debunked

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Sydney, like any other region, is wealthy with history but not immune to myths and half-truths. These stories can well, grow on trees, like the tale of the Monsters in the Railway Tunnels. Speaking of trees, there are many myths that come fresh from the garden. From general tree care to mulch debate, there are plenty of practice out there that won't actually help your tree prosper.

So here are the four common tree myths we are going to be debunked.

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1. You can plant your own tree without professional assistance

Planting a tree is a very good idea. It enhances your house, improves the atmosphere and gives you a great activity to do with your little ones. But is this seemingly manageable responsibility actually as easy as it seems? You might not consider it, but there are actually plenty of difficulties that can give the amateur tree planter a headache. You could use improper planting procedures or plant the incorrect tree in the wrong place. This point is particularly crucial to consider in Sydney and throughout NSW, where bushfire situations make things hard to foretell. This is why it’s always best to seek professional tree advice.

2. Planting a tree deeper will make the root grow deeper

It does not matter how deep you dig, this myth doesn’t hold any ground. Planting your tree deeper in the ground often kill your tree. When planting your tree the top of the soil in the pot should be level with the soil surface.

3. Using a lot of mulch is beneficial for the roots

Can you believe it? One of the most popular tree advice is nothing more than a myth! The thick consistency of the mulch will actually cripple the roots and their capacity to grow. After a few days of a dry, hot Sydney summer, over-mulching your trees can even lead to root death.

There is some truth in this myth, however. If you simply apply 75mm of mulch it can prove to be helpful for your trees. You just have to be sure to top up the level of mulch every year.

4. Removing living branches before planting will balance the roots and crown

This is actually the last thing you should do if you want to help your trees and the surrounding environment.
By removing living branches you will be taking away the necessary leaves your tree needs to survive. The branches, twigs, and trunks of your trees have billions of living cells, which store energy reserves.

Now this tree myths are already debunked, you should better call At Your Tree Service to help and assist you on any tree services you require.


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