Common Mistakes to Avoid in Building Your Home Theatre System

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Building Your Home Theatre System

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Whether you've just moved into your own place or you are planning to convert one room in your home as an entertainment hub and you are building a home system from scratch, you can easily find tips to help you.

But despite the ready availability of information, there are a few mistakes that many people often fall for. If you want to build a home theatre system, here are some mistakes to avoid.

Not knowing the optimal height for the TV screen
Whether you are watching your favourite weekly show or binge-watching a TV series, you want to avoid unnecessary strain on your neck and shoulders. Too often, this happens because the TV screen is placed too high. Experts recommend basing the height of the TV on the height of the seats in the room.

Not knowing the correct distance between you and the TV screen
Another important point to remember when positioning the TV screen is the distance between you and the screen. Placing the screen too close often leads to the decrease in the perceived quality. Placing the screen too far away prevents you from appreciating fine details. The suitable distance will depend on a few factors, most important of which are the sizes of the room and the TV itself.

Placing the TV in areas with direct sunlight
Sunlight can adversely affect image quality. As such, you should avoid placing the TV near a window. If you cannot avoid this, use curtains or blinds.

Not accounting for foot traffic
If the home system is going to be placed in the living room, you have to account for the movement of people around the area. The last thing that you would want is people walking in front of the TV. You can avoid this by moving the couch a little closer to the TV screen or even by placing a coffee table in between.

Hiding the speakers
Some people think that speakers clutter the space, and so they hide them in cabinets. However, that greatly affects sound quality.

Opting for full surround with inadequate space
A full surround system works best when you have ample space in your home entertainment area. Otherwise, you will only go through a lot of trouble making things work. Note that you will need to connect the satellite speakers and they should not be placed too close to the viewers.

Going under/over budget
On one end of the spectrum, there are people who spend too little on the essential stuff while there are others who splurge on the non-essentials. First off, know which ones to invest your money in. These include the TV, speakers and receivers. For other stuff, you can look for cheaper alternatives which can deliver quality results for a fraction of the cost of their counterparts.

Thinking you are the expert
Unless you have the experience and training, you should not trust your own judgment or be swayed by the salesman, whatever equipment you may be planning to buy. With a little research, you can avoid the hassle of buying an inferior piece of equipment. Read online reviews and forums. Check out what other people say about the equipment, and only then use your judgment after weighing these in.


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