Common Decoration Problems Addressed

Common Decoration Problems Addressed

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Decorating is not an end in itself, but the means to make your home as nice as possible and serve your needs. Humans are alive, vital and moving, so there should be signs of activity that will make your home a pleasurable place to live in.

Diversity of opinion
As a decorator, you’re faced with a diversity of opinion within the household and must, for the sake of harmony, make compromises. For example, if a man prefers the man green, use it in his personal area. If a woman opts for warmer colours, link together by using a pattern combining both colours. Perhaps pink squiggles with a green line on a neutral background will do.

Colour selection
Select fabrics using the main colours for walls ceilings and floors. Use the minor colours for accents in the room.

Lack of tonal range
Most decorators are wary of using darker tones, but these colours do add interest and vitality.

Knowing what you really want
Make two selections, a first choice and then a back up one and do not look at anything else. Having piles of samples may make you feel the part but will end up causing confusion – a common scenario. Map out your lifestyle, list the items that fulfill these needs. Don’t buy anything else.

Reality of decoration
Theoretically, it’s nice as it doesn’t strain the back or dirty the hands. In reality, it’s tiring, will disorganize your life and eat into your finances.

Obtaining a professional decor
It’s that little matter called attention to detail, such as colour matching and finish.

Decorating from scratch
Take into account location. Then decide about the mood, select colours and styles to suit. Select floor coverings first as the range is limited, then tone in walls and ceilings as this forms the background. Match drapes and upholstery colours, then furniture style and add personal effects.

Becoming overwhelmed
List the work to be undertaken, then take one step at a time until the job is completed. It will take a while -- most projects do.

Lack of money
Good decoration isn’t always the result of a full purse. Ingenuity, hard work and thoughtful combinations are keys to success.

For you to achieve your desired goal, you must know exactly what you want and how to communicate it effectively and with respect. If you don’t know about a product, find out before commencing that segment of work. Timbers around the walls are not called “what it is,” they are skirting and architraves which you ought to know if you want to be taken seriously.

Decorating a rented house
Landlords will generally supply paint if you’re willing to apply it. Strengthen the wall colour. Rather than cream or off white, try apricot or beige. You can improve the lighting by using lamps and mirrors. Add personal ornamentation and books to achieve a home feeling.

If you’re experiencing problems while decorating your home, don’t hesitate to consult one of these decorating experts in QLD.


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