Colour Your World: Colour Tips

Colour Your World: Colour Tips

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Gorgeous colours are everywhere. Choosing a new color scheme can be fun, exciting and challenging. The following will help you select colours that will work for you. Computers can match your paint to everything from chips of paint to a favourite shirt.

  • Colours may appear darker on your wall than they look on a paint chip or colour card. Buy a sample pot and test a small spot on each wall to see how the dried colour looks.

  • View the colour you are thinking of using at different times during the day. Changes in natural light, not to mention the influence of artificial light, will affect colour. Make sure the colour you love during the day is equally appealing at night.

  • Light affects colour differently depending on whether it is shining on a vertical or horizontal surface. When testing, apply the paint to the relevant surface.

  • Warm colours such as reds, oranges and yellows advance and make a space feel cosier. Cool colours such as blues, greens and violets recede or look further away. You can use this colour spatial trick to make a large room lacking in atmosphere feel more intimate or a small room appear larger.

To gloss or not?

High gloss: Durable and easy-to-clean, high gloss is best used for woodwork and trims. It shows up surface imperfections so good preparation is essential.
Semi gloss: Ideal for high traffic areas such as hallways, doors and woodwork, semi gloss surfaces are wipe-clean.
Low sheen: For a lustrous look that can be wiped clean, choose low sheen. It’s excellent for all walls or if you prefer a less-glossy look for your woodwork.
Flat: Since flat paint can’t be wiped down, keep a spare tin handy for touch-ups. It’s the most forgiving paint for surface imperfections.

For an instant lift you can always rely on a coat or two of paint to get the job done right.


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