Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Mosaic Tiles

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Mosaic Tiles

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Mosaics on walls and floors provide your space a unique, exotic and luxurious vibe. If installed with high-quality, highly durable ceramic or glass tiles, mosaics can continue to provide a decorative element to your home or business space for a long time. They can be used almost anywhere in the property, from gardens to kitchens to bathrooms, and can suit a wide array of décor styles from classic to contemporary.

However, it pays to remember that due to the often intricate texture and patterns of mosaics as well as the small size of the tiles used for them, cleaning and maintaining your mosaic surfaces should not be exactly the same as the cleaning and maintenance regime for your ordinary tiled walls and floors.

What you need is a cleaning routine that is sufficiently meticulous to ensure the tiles and especially the grout (small mosaic tiles require more grouting than standard tile sizes) are free from dust, grime, mould and mildew. At the same time, cleaning should be gentle enough so as not to damage or wear out the patterns, colours and textures that make your mosaics stand out.

Protect tiles from damage right from the very start – during installation. It is highly recommended that a waterproof sealant be applied over your mosaic tiles, especially if you plan to install them outdoors, as a kitchen backsplash, in the shower, or any other place wherein they’ll be exposed to water and moisture. The sealant provides protection for both the tiles and the grout, maintains the adhesive, and prevents the growth of mould.

Use gentle cleaning agents. Your best cleaning approach is still the old-fashioned way: use warm water mixed with mild detergent and apply with a firm, through wipe down. Rinse well to avoid any residue. After rinsing, get an absorbent cloth and wipe the tiles dry to prevent water spotting. Never use vinegar and other acidic solutions – this will break down porous elements such as the grout and can be harsh to your tile material. You can also try cleaning products specially formulated for tiles and mosaics, but warm soapy water is still considered one of the safest and most effective solution.

Establish a regular cleaning schedule. Dust and grease build-up can turn into a grimy film that can be hard to remove when left over time. The presence of mould and mildew can bring or trigger allergies and harbour airborne bacteria which may cause various respiratory diseases or worsen existing ones such as asthma. With some discipline and a little elbow grease, your mosaic walls and floors can stand the test of time and remain looking like a gem for years to come. Make sure to have a regular cleaning schedule and stick to it – your beautiful mosaic finishes deserve it.


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