Classic Children's Toys That Remain Popular Gifts

Classic Children's Toys That Remain Popular Gifts

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Play is an activity that never grows old — even adults leading highly professional lives, maintaining important careers and juggling multiple responsibilities inside and outside their homes, can relish time spent simply indulging in amusement (and a certain degree of nostalgia) provided by toys.

And not the kinds of toys that today's children are constantly glued to, like mobile devices connected to the Internet; for many individuals who are young at heart, and for little ones who are fascinated by even the most rudimentary structures, there are classic toys that still provide hours of fun (whether the person playing with them is alone or in a group) and make excellent gifts for people, young and old, who appreciate the universal concept of play and happiness with the help of simple mechanisms and bright colours.

Here are examples of these time-tested toys that remain highly in demand, especially during gift-giving seasons and occasions:

Frisbees. This is perhaps one of the most durable toys that any child can lay their hands on (or any four-legged friends can bite down on, although the persistent biting and chewing of man's best friend has been known to wear these things down eventually). After all, it's designed to be tossed around relentlessly and to survive impact with trees, buildings, people etc. They can be used in parks, beaches, backyards, and other open spaces, and they serve to demonstrate basic science concepts, too.

Board games. These toys are staples when there's company (like a group of cousins or neighbours) coming over, or when it's raining buckets or snowing hard outside and going out is out of the question. It also provides rounds of fun for adults looking for a new way to bond. Monopoly, Chinese Checkers, Snakes and Ladders — anything that involves rolling dice, drawing cards and moving tiny pieces around a board is a fun activity.

Rubik's Cube. Who hasn't struggled to solve this twisting puzzle before? It's always a triumphant moment when someone is able to click all the tiles into the right positions, even for just one entire side, if not the whole cube. It's a simple toy that can give your brain a good workout.

Jenga. Nobody wants to be the person who carelessly yanked out a little wooden brick and caused a towering structure to come tumbling down. And that's why Jenga remains a much-loved game that anyone would love to receive — it's a game that tests players' concentration, problem solving skills, and the steadiness of their hands.

Play-Doh. There is simply not enough tubs of this colourful material to go around. Anyone can feel growing excitement at having several of these little yellow tubs set in front of them and being urged to form whatever shapes and figures that their little hearts desire — especially if they have those special cutters designed to form different shapes.

Hot Wheels. No boy or girl can resist making those revving engine sounds when they get their hands on these little toy cars. And besides, they may not be able to buy a luxury sports car in real life, but Hot Wheels lets anyone buy as many tiny replicas of those expensive models as they like and stuff them safely in their pockets.

Bicycle Playing Cards. A lazy afternoon can quickly become an exciting time when friends get together to play Texas Hold 'Em or other card games that they know. They're perfect if you prefer a more quiet game of Solitaire, too.


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