Cinema Etiquette: How To Enjoy Movies Without Annoying Others

Cinema Etiquette: How To Enjoy Movies Without Annoying Others

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Do you like to go to the cinema every weekend? Do you consider yourself as moviegoers? Watching a good film is a very nice experience. Other than just for pure entertainment's sake, it is usually enhanced with an informed awareness of how a film works. Some understanding, skill and background training in the elements of the craft of film-making will add your joy when watching a good film.. Each film viewer or movie-goer should strive to be a 'critic' (in the best and most general sense of the word) and be receptive to the full experience. However, there are several tips to be a better audience, thus make your watching experience more valuable as all of the film lovers hope so.

Turn off your mobile phone

Imagine this situation: when the movie goes to its climax, suddenly someone’s phone ring. He or she answered the call and speak loudly. This is very annoying and will likely break anyone’s concentration. Turning off your mobile phone will be good thing to do, since it will prevent you from disturbing others and enjoying the movie instead. If you are expecting something important from your boss or colleagues, keep your phone in silent mode and answer your call on the outside of the cinema.

Bring your nanny with you or leave the kids at home

Kids are always noisy, especially when they get bored. If they cry, it will be loud and annoying. You will be a public enemy at no time. Leave your children at home if possible. It is important to notice that some films are not suitable for children. If they have to go along, make sure to bring the babysitter to help you in the worst condition.

Don’t talk when the movie is played

This is another annoying thing that most likely happen at the cinema: discussing the movie when it is being played. Some people talk to themselves to express their astonishment. They say things such as “Wow, how could that it be?” or “Excellent!”. However, if you are this kind of people, try as hard as you can to hold it until the movie is over. By doing this you can focus to the movie and avoid any unnecessary disturbances for other people.

Don’t put your feet on the back of the chair

The property of the cinema is not yours, thus you have to use them appropriately. Putting your feet on the back of the chair is either impolite and make the chair dirty as well. Be respectful if you want to be respected by the other.

Don’t litter

Popcorns and soft drinks are common snacks at the cinema. However, don’t leave its case on the cinema. Dispose them on the trash bin. Keep the cinema room clean by not adding any rubbish on it.

Go to the restroom before the film starts

The temperature in the cinema room is so cold, thus the desire to urinate certainly a little hard to resist. The best solution? Go to the restroom before the movie starts and don’t drink too much. This way, you don’t have to miss important scenes in the movie or annoy other viewers.

On time

Entering the cinema when the movie has been started would interfere other viewers. Try to arrive on time. If you have already bought a ticket, it's worth waiting in a cinema until the theater door opened.

Don’t flirt

Nothing and no one prohibit you to make out, but try not to be excessive. Apart from the ethical, showed excessive making out in a movie theater can also be considered as public disgrace.

Eat properly

Snacks such as popcorn, chocolate, and potatoes can be the best friends for those who like to munching while watching. However, it will be more likeable if you can reduce the noise as much as possible when you eat these snacks. Chew the snack slowly with your mouth closed, so that the sound doesn’t come out and disturb the person next to you.

Don’t be a spoiler

Is the movie you just watched exciting? Good for you, but don’t tell it to anyone else. Telling the contents of the film that you just watched will lose the fun factor for those who haven’t watched it. Simply save all the fun and excitement for yourself.


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