Choosing the Right Window Style for Your Home

Choosing the Right Window Style for Your Home

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You don’t have to travel far for a picturesque view. This can be achieved simply by installing the right window at the right part of your home. The perfect window can make watching the sunset or listening to the rain a lot more wonderful. Here’s how you can turn that seemingly impossible window project into a reality.

1. A reflection of the architectural style

Every home has an architectural style that makes it unique. Make sure to pick a window style that complements your home’s architectural appeal. You can ask for your supplier’s expert advice on this.

2. The purpose of your windows

Do you need the window for good ventilation in the room or are you looking to get natural light in? Knowing the purpose of the window will help greatly in choosing the best one to install.

3. Colourful frames and mullions

Match the colour of the frames and mullions with your home’s exterior style. For instance, if you are going for a vintage look, it’s essential that the mullions and frames match this vibe. Not doing so will make your windows look unattractive.

4. The best colours for the frames

The easiest way to pick frame colour is by applying trim colour for your home. It can be used on your window frames and mullions.

5. Ventilation

One of the essential purposes of a window is good ventilation. You need to determine whether you need a fixed or an operable window type. Fixed windows are typically used in the kitchen, while operable windows are often found in bedrooms.

6. Your home’s interiors

Your window needs to match your home’s interior style. If the interior is made mostly of wood, installing plastic or steel windows would look really off against wooden walls and floors. You can make a bit of a stretch when it comes to plastic windows, but make sure to hold the material against your wall first before deciding to install one.

7. The interiors' focus points

If you have a pretty scenery outside, you can use the window to accentuate the view by utilising styles, shapes, colours, and details to match your home’s interiors. Bay windows which offer more floor space inside the home are best used in bathrooms, kitchens, and sitting nooks.

8. Windows as an investment

If you plan on renovating your home, you might want to consider replacing old windows. By installing the updated styles, you can instantly give your home a whole new look.

When you’re done planning and determining the right type of windows for your home, it’s time to choose where to buy them. Always opt for trusted window manufacturers who can guarantee to provide you with high-quality windows. If you need expert advice and recommendation when it comes to windows, check out JELD-WEN Australia.


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