Choosing The Right Splashback for Your Kitchen

Choosing The Right Splashback for Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most important sections of the house. It is the lifeblood of every household member, the source of everything nourishing and life-sustaining. Investing in your kitchen’s functional aesthetics is worth your every penny because aside from increasing the value of your house, a beautiful kitchen may well be your family’s main hub next to the living room.

A kitchen splashback is the material installed above the sink, stove and benchtops that protect the walls from splashes of oil, grease, water, and other elements.

Depending on your desired budget, there are many splashback materials that you can install in your kitchen. Choosing the right material is crucial as making a mistake will just cost you more money.

Here are 7 kitchen splashback materials that you can use for your kitchen.

1. Tiles

Tiles is the most popular kitchen splashback material. Many homeowners opt to use tiles as they are cheap and easy to install. Tiles are also available in many colors and designs. The downside of using tiles is that although the tiles’ glossy surface also make it easy to clean, the grout can be a pain to clean.

2. Steel

The gleaming surface of stainless steel can make the kitchen look very modern and chic. The steel’s smooth surface is easy to clean and maintain. The downside of using stainless steel is that it shows smudges, stains, water marks and fingerprints.

3. Glass

Glass is popular since it is easy to keep clean and thus very hygienic. Homeowners can opt for tinted glass for color and filtered light. Clear glass is ideal especially if the view outside is outstanding.

4. Mirror

Mirrors visually increase your kitchen area. Using a mirror reflects both natural and artificial lightings so it automatically brightens up your kitchen. Mirrors also enhances the kitchen’s color especially if it reflects the view from the opposite wall that has a window.

5. Stone

Stone provides a “textured look” and can be installed seamlessly with the benchtops. With minimal grout, stone splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain. The big plus is the stone’s natural heat resistant quality that makes it perfect for stove splashback.

6. Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are small tiles laid in sheets. They provide outstanding design and stunning effects. The downside, of course, is that there is a lot of grout to clean.

7. Timber

Nothing spells elegance more than the natural beauty of wood. Wood can either brings that rustic country feel for your traditional kitchen or balances the aesthetics in chic and modern kitchen. There are a lot of timber designs to choose from, depending on what’s suitable for your existing kitchen design. Note that wood splashbacks need to be covered with glass to prevent water damage.


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