Choosing the Right Paint for your Kitchen and Bathroom

Choosing the Right Paint for your Kitchen and Bathroom

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Painting is one of the last tasks undertaken when finishing off a new bathroom or kitchen. It is an easy way to refresh an existing room and give it a great new look. But there are a number of items to consider before starting the job to ensure you get the best and most rewarding result. Here are some of the things that you should take note.

Choosing paint products
When choosing paint for your new bathroom or kitchen, it is important to select a product stain resistance. Choose a paint that delivers the best washability and moisture. Make sure it is mould and bacteria resistant. Check if it is cruff-proof and available in a range of colours that are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom.

Make sure also that the products are friendlier for the environment and your family. Choose the ones that create less air pollution and odour.

Choosing colours
Once you have chosen your paint, the next step is to select your colours. Choosing the perfect colour is never easy, so it is wise if you get advice from an expert. The best place to start is by using a colour brochure and colour chips from your local paint shop or hardware store. Choose a paint that has a broad range of colours and provides colour schemes to help find the perfect complement for your home.

Pick colours that you love and that you respond to emotionally. Don’t be afraid to go with brighter or more saturated paint colours in the kitchen or bathroom. Usually, there is very little empty wall space and the paint colour becomes a border around the cabinets, appliances and woodwork. The right paint colour can make these items pop, like the right frame for an artwork.

Remember that colours can look different in all shades of light, so make sure you look at your chosen colour at various times of the day. Then use the sample pots to test your selection in a few different walls. You can also look at all your colour and finish choices in daylight and in the artificial light that will be in a particular room. Soft blues and greens might look fresh in morning light, but dull in incandescent light.

Paint can transform a room so it is worth making the right choices for a result you will be proud of. Get help from painters in VIC for better results.


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