Celebrate Easter 2016 with These Traditional Treats

Celebrate Easter 2016 with These Traditional Treats

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With Easter just a few days away, you are most probably planning an Easter egg hunt and other fun activities for your children. But in the flurry of all the preparations, you may have little time to figure out what kinds of food to serve during the occasion.

If you want to surprise friends and family members, here's a brief list of sweet and savoury treats that are typically served during Easter in various parts of the world. In prepping and cooking these dishes, you can enlist the help of every family member to make it a fun activity everyone can share.

Boiled eggs

Eggs are traditional food items that symbolise both the arrival of Spring as well as the resurrection of Jesus Christ during Easter Sunday. You can boil eggs and let your children paint these with any design they fancy.

Chocolate eggs

Chocolate eggs are a perennial favourite among both kids and adults. You can use these as a substitute for boiled eggs.

Simnel cake

This cake is traditionally served in Ireland and the UK. It is cooked and prepared using a light fruit cake with an added layer of marzipan or almond paste. It is best eaten toasted.

Magiritsa soup

Magiritsa soup is a traditional Easter soup made from lamb offal. It is often eaten with roasted lamb. The dish originated from Greece.

Hot cross buns

These English sweet and spicy buns are often made with either currants or dried fruit. The bread is designed with a cross to symbolise the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is best consumed hot or toasted.

Colomba Pasquale

This Italian sweet bread is similar to panettone, which is often eaten in Italy during Christmas. However, this bread is usually prepared with almonds and pearl sugar instead of raisins or candied peel.


Lamb is a food item that has figured prominently in the Christian and Jewish faiths. During Easter, the meal serves as a reminder of Christians being chosen and protected by God.


Ham is popularly served during Easter in the United States. In the past, the curing process started during the fall season and ham was consumed during spring, which is when Easter is usually celebrated.


Hornazo is a Spanish bread filled with meat (chorizo, pork loin, etc.) and hardboiled eggs. This dish traces its roots to the Avila and Salamanca provinces where these are typically consumed during the festival known as Monday of the Waters.

Make everyday a special occasion with our cooking tips – or just celebrate the day at one of your favourite Australian restaurants.


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