Buying Your First Motorcycle - A Quick Guide

Buying Your First Motorcycle - A Quick Guide

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Ask an avid motorcycle rider and he will tell you that riding a motorbike is a unique experience. Unlike riding in a car, riding a motorcycle requires a different skill set. You need to combine all your mental and physical abilities in order to minimise the associated hazards. And that is all part of the thrill.

Now, if you are keen on buying your first motorcycle, there are several crucial factors that you need to consider before actually heading off to the dealership. Here's a brief rundown of each of these factors.

Your ability
It is fairly common for new riders to purchase a motorcycle that has more power than they can actually handle. As a beginner, you'd want to stay away from powerful beasts and instead opt for slower motorcycles. This will give you ample opportunity to master the basics of motorcycle riding. When you feel that you have mastered this basics, only then can you upgrade your bike.

Your needs
Are you looking for a weekend steed or are you looking for a commuter? Will you be riding long distances or will you use your bike travelling between your home and work? Motorcycles come in different styles and designs and it is worthwhile to factor in your riding needs when choosing among several options.

Your options
Each type of motorcycle offers different features which are suitable to the needs of different types of riders. For example, a standard bike is suited for daily transportation while for longer rides, a cruiser makes a better choice.

Your body
No matter what the distance is, you would want a comfortable bike that will get you safely to your destination. There are no hard and fast rules that will help you determine which bike will fit your body. The only way to do so is to take as many bikes out as possible for a test ride. This will enable you to gauge how comfortable riding a particular bike is.

Your budget
Apart from the actual cost of the motorcycle, you need to be aware of other expenses involved in motorcycle ownership. These costs include your budget for the upkeep of your ride, insurance, fuel and even for motorcycle gear like a good helmet and jacket.

An informed choice
Buying a new bike can be an exciting endeavour. But before letting yourself get swept away by all the excitement, weigh the aforementioned factors carefully to ensure that you are making a good investment. And when everything is said and done, enjoy your ride with your new motorised steed.


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