Building a New House Tips on How to not Go Crazy

Building a New House Tips on How to not Go Crazy

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Sometimes planning to build a new house can be stressful. To prevent going crazy while building a new home, you can follow this tips:

Building a New House Set a Budget

Set a Budget

Talk with several builders about your plans, must-haves, and want-to-haves. Find out if your budget is realistic with your plans and ideas. Check and see what you are getting in each quote. A higher quote might mean better quality materials. Think through things that can be finished later, like a basement, and things that can't be added later.

Find 1-2 Advisors

Not every friend who might have an opinion. Not your whole family and your husband's whole family. Not all of Facebook. Just 2 or 3 trusted, experienced friends who know something about building and you. Then shut your ears!

Choose Your Builder Carefully

Choose your Builder Carefully

You will be spending many, many houses with your builder, so make sure he is someone you trust, like, and can rely on. Ask for references, check out the house he's built. Drink coffee together.

Know the Selections Schedule

Ask about a schedule for selections so you know when certain decisions need to be made. This will help you make decisions chronologically and will help keep the project on time.

Communicate ASAP

Communicate any concerns you have earlier rather than later. This helps keep you and your builder on the same page and gives him a chance to address your concerns.

Understand the Process

Activity at the house site often seems concentrated at the beginning of the process. But more of the small details and internal workings happening towards the end of the job. Things are happening, even when there isn't a flurry of activity.

Celebrate Milestone Together for Home Building Project

Celebrate Milestones

Celebrate small milestones (and big ones) instead of waiting to the end of the project to celebrate. This will help you enjoy the process and keep up your excitement and joy in your new home.

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