Brazilian Butt Lift in Australia – How Much Does it Cost & 4 Other Important Facts to Know

Brazilian Butt Lift in Australia – How Much Does it Cost & 4 Other Important Facts to Know

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For many women today, the ultimate mark of a truly attractive body is a generous, perky behind. This may be due to the effect that it offers: a bigger butt makes the waist look smaller, creating a truly hourglass figure for the lady. In fact, some statistics show that since 2014, buttock augmentation procedures have been outnumbering breast enlargement surgeries all over the world.

In Australia, Brazilian butt lift is now a beauty buzzword. Although breast enlargement is still on top of the wish list of most Aussie women looking for body enhancements, butt augmentation has also become one of the most in-demand and often-asked-about cosmetic surgery solutions today.

Leading clinics and cosmetic surgeons in Melbourne, Sydney and other metropolitan areas have now included butt enhancement solutions into their specialisations, and they’re ready to make further investments in training and equipment to deliver better than ever results for clients wanting to go under the procedure.

How is it done?
Buttock lifts basically rely on fat transfer. The surgeon will first remove fat from another part of your body, such as the thighs, abdomen or back, via liposuction. The extracted fat will then be “filtered” to extract only the healthy fat cells. These healthy fat cells will then be transferred into your buttocks, giving the cheeks added volume and lift.

Note: You may be asked to gain weight first before the procedure if the doctor couldn’t find a suitable fat source from your body for extraction. It is recommended that your own fat is used for the procedure to ensure low infection risk, fewer complications and natural-looking results.

How much does Brazilian butt lift cost in Australia?
Some sources place the price range of a Brazilian butt lift in Australia from $7,900 as the cheapest to $12,000 as the highest price. If you choose to go to a highly established clinic and one that has already a solid portfolio of butt lift procedures, then expect to shell out an average of $10,000 to $12,000 which is already inclusive of the liposuction.

Before and after the procedure
Aside from the procedure itself, make sure to also consider the time and arrangements you need to make to prepare pre-surgery, as well as to ensure full, safe and fast recovery. Typically, you’ll need to wait for 2 weeks before returning to work or resuming your regular activities. Avoid physically strenuous activities for the first several weeks, or until the doctor gives the go-signal for returning to your exercise routines. Follow all post-surgery instruction to reduce the risks of potential complications. Call your doctor at the first sign of a blood clot and/or excessive bleeding.

Surgeon selection is critical
The results of a Brazilian butt lift made in Australia will largely depend on the competence of your surgeon. Getting fat from one part of the body and re-injecting it to another involves both science and art. Thus, it is crucial that the surgeon you select will have a deep understanding of every component of the procedure – from safety to process to aesthetics – to ensure the surgery will be worth it.

As with any cosmetic surgery procedure, you often get what you pay for. So take the time to do your research and shop around first before making a decision. Meet with your potential doctor to ask all your questions and discuss your expectations and apprehensions. Only when you have thoroughly checked your surgeon’s background, experience and body of work should you go for it.

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