Bowling for Beginners: Tips to Help You Start Right

Bowling for Beginners: Tips to Help You Start Right

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Bowling is one of the most popular sports today. Whether it’s interactive or competitive game, you have to learn the techniques and handiness of the game in order for you to play it properly. As a beginner, take time to read these tips that will help you improve your bowling game.

Choose the proper equipment.
Choosing the right equipment isn’t just applicable for bowling, but for all sports. In bowling, the most important equipment that you’ll use is the ball. Make sure that you try out many kinds of ball and select the one that has the right weight, material and finger-grip fit.

Practise your game.
Practice is what you need in order to master a game or sport. If you really want to be good in bowling, you have to bowl at least once or twice a week. You can also join a league to help you learn more about the sport. It’s also a good idea to play with experienced players because they can teach you some effective techniques you can apply to your game.

Learn the proper walk.
Professional bowlers usually use 5-step approach, but it may not be suitable for you if you’re just starting to learn the sport. Beginners are usually more comfortable with the classic 4-step approach. Try to practise the proper approach without a ball until you find the perfect spot that lets you arrive at the line.

Roll the ball.
Releasing the ball means that you already analysed its axis rotation. Never ever throw the ball, but spend time rolling it. There’s a difference between “throwing the ball” and “rolling the ball”. If you throw the ball, you can hear a loud “clunk” before it begins to roll, but a rolled ball will land quietly and quickly roll down the lane.

If you think you have a habit of throwing the ball, you should just simply slow down first. Take it slow and take a deep breath to settle your anxiety. Rolled ball can hit more pins than with a thrown one.

Think about your moves.
Have some time to visualise and analyse your moves. Visualise your shots and movements before you do them. If the ball goes consistently too far right, you should start a little further left. As a bowler, you’ll be able to feel when you bowled a good ball. When you do, remember it or try to write it down before you forget. You might need that notes for future reference.

Practise these techniques regularly for a better bowling game. Visit the top bowling clubs in Australia today.


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