Beat Belly Bloat With These Tips

Beat Belly Bloat With These Tips

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Ever get that feeling where your belly feels full and gassy?

Bloating is a fairly common condition among adults and children. But no matter how common this condition is, it can hinder you from performing the tasks that you need to do at home or at work. In fact, belly bloat is one of the most common reasons why employees take a day off from work and take medications.

Bloating can be hard to describe, but broadly speaking, most sufferers experience symptoms like flatulence, rumbling in the stomach, a feeling of fullness, swelling, and burping.

What exactly causes this condition? A lot of factors may contribute to a belly bloat, including heartburn, constipation, consuming dairy products, weight gain, eating quickly, some types of medications, and different types of gastrointestinal conditions.

Sometimes, bloating may be a symptom of a more serious condition like celiac disease, ovarian cancer and the failure of the pancreas to produce enough enzymes for digestion.

How do you reduce belly bloat?

Avoid artificial sweeteners.
Artificial sweeteners, like sorbitol and aspartame, found in sugar-free gums, candies and other types of food cannot be easily digested and sometimes trigger bloating. Avoid consuming these or keep your consumption to a minimum.

Eat slowly.
When you try to eat your meals too quickly, the tendency is that you swallow more air which produces gas in your stomach. Chew slowly and savour your meals. Also, drink directly from your glass or cup instead of drinking through a straw.

Limit your consumption of raw produce.
Some types of vegetables can be difficult for your stomach to break down, which can cause bloating. If you wish to add more vegetables to your diet, consider cooking these first rather than eating them raw. This will allow your stomach to better digest vegetables.

When you are anxious and under stress, the hormones in your body can mess up your bodily functions, including digestion. This is why people are more susceptible to belly bloat when under stress. If you feel stressed out, consider taking a short walk.

If your belly bloat is accompanied by other symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, fever and sudden weight loss, you need to see a doctor as soon as you possibly can. Also, if your bloating has become chronic, it is highly recommended that you undergo the appropriate tests in order to ascertain whether or not you have a food sensitivity issue.

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