Beach Essentials – What To Bring For Total Summer Fun

Beach Essentials – What To Bring For Total Summer Fun

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Published by TOP4 Team

What do you need to bring if you want to take a trip to the beach? Honestly, not much. Just you, your swimwear and your sunscreen and you’re all set.

But if you want to make your beach holiday a little bit more special, it pays to pack a few additional items inside your beach bag. Most of these products can be bought online, so you won’t need to go on a shopping trip in the middle of all your travel the preparations. The items on this list are easily available, affordable and helpful no matter how you plan to spend your time – sunbathing on the shore, going on one ocean adventure activity to another, or even catching up on work in a different environment.

Bringing the following the next time you head out to the ocean not only saves you from running to the (overpriced) tourist shops along the beachfront. It also allows you to just relax, have fun and make the most of the sun and the sea.

Sunscreen. This may be basic and a bit of a given. But if you’ll be spending long hours outside, don’t rely on your everyday sunscreen. Get one with a higher SPF, in a big bottle or a few of travel-sized ones, since you need to reapply it after a couple of hours. You may want to get a separate sunscreen for the face, and you may also look into whether a spot stick or a spray sunscreen variant can be useful.

Sunglasses and beach hat. Because you’ll never go wrong with too many sun protection accessories. Doctors say that wearing a hat to protect your scalp and neck as well as shades to protect the delicate skin around your eyes is an absolute must if you’ll be hitting the beach. Tip: Don‘t bring your designer gear – pack something inexpensive and sturdy so you don’t have to stress out about getting them wet or scratched.

Water resistant case. Your smartphone is now a beach essential, if you want to take photos or listen to music without bringing a lot of other devices. Protect it from water and sand by investing in a high-quality, water-resistant and touch-sensitive case.

Power bank. Enjoy your beach bumming with no interruptions. Bring a power bank or a battery extender so you don’t have to run back to your room just to charge when your phone battery starts to go low. A power bank is useful especially for those who love to stay on the beach from sun up to sundown.

Water bottle. Make sure to stay hydrated and refreshed by drinking lots of water all throughout the day. Even though you may be staying in a fancy resort where you can order cocktails and refreshers, nothing beats pure water for its cooling, health and beauty benefits. .

Beach bag. Now that you have your essentials, you need to put them inside a bag that’s big and strong (and stylish) enough to carry them all. Look for a bag made of light and durable materials that can withstand beach elements. Get a bag with zippers or any kind of opening and closing component to keep all your items safely stowed inside. A bag with pockets or a bag organiser keeps things easy to find.


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