Bathroom Essentials for a Relaxing Bath

Bathroom Essentials for a Relaxing Bath

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Water therapy can be linked to approximately 4,500 B.C. in the history of Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries in Asia. Soaking the body in water has been proven to be very relaxing and therapeutic, and healthy too. The inner muscle relaxation together with a good warm bath aids to lessen cramps and improves the elasticity of muscles.

The process is almost the same as a massage and good for everyone. It has been said that taking a bath brings you back to a time when you were in your mother’s womb, hence creating a very comforting environment.

Below are some bath essentials for a relaxing bath:

1. Bath Soap - Bar soaps have drying effects on skin than liquids because they have chemical sodium hydroxide, which is needed to make the cleansing process. The good thing is that most of today's bar soaps consist of synthetic detergents to make skin smoother. Look for those that have sunflower seed oil or olive oil.

2. Body Wash – Look for those with enough moisturizers. After taking away dirt from your body, they put in rich moisturizers like shea butter that sticks on your skin. If you skin is not very dry or scaly, body washes will soften it, just good enough for you to skip lotion. For those with sensitive skin, it is better to use body wash with coconut water. It will slowly hydrates your skin.

3. Body Scrub - Scrubs should only be utilized at least twice a week and it should be rubbed in a circular motion. It is just okay to utilize bath sponges when using body scrub and sometimes gloves, as long as they are not too wet and should be kept tidy to stop them from getting harmful bacteria.

4. Bathroom Scents – Your relaxing bath will never be complete without the comforting scent that is why you will need bathroom scents. If your bathroom smells bad or simply not relaxing, you will not achieve your goal of de-stressing yourself. There are water and oil plug-ins that will deodorize your bathroom. Most plug-in air fresheners are full of chemical perfumes, which are harmful for the health. The idea of a plug-in scent diffuser is not bad for the health.

You can also try homemade scents and deodorizers for your bathroom. For example, you can put a jar of baking soda inside your bathroom. You can add drops of essential oil in the jar with baking soda and that’s it, you already have a bathroom deodorizer.


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