Avoid Horror Travel Stories: Tips To Choosing The Best Travel Agency

Avoid Horror Travel Stories: Tips To Choosing The Best Travel Agency

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Published by TOP4 Team

Tales from the dark side. Deeply unpleasant. Holiday from hell. Not the sort of descriptions you want to give when someone asks you how your trip went.

Awful travel stories are generally filled with an agonising combination of delayed flights amid bad weather at peak travel season, airplane reservations gone awry, mishaps with hotel reservations and worst, checking into the world’s worst hotel, and so many other bad, bad travel experiences. All of which could stem from an ill chosen travel agency.

Whether you need to book a trip for yourself or for your employees, travel agencies can save you money, provide convenience, and give you access to services you might not have otherwise received if you were to arrange the trip on your own. But in order to get all those benefits, you need to be very selective with your travel agency.

Here are some tips that ensure you’ll be hiring a legitimate and quality travel agency.

1. Look for industry certifications.
Genuine travel agencies are recognised by its industry and accredited. Certifications indicate that the travel agency has achieved professional credentials according to industry standards.

But before you get convinced though, make sure you check the certifying organisation’s background, to verify its authority, and to look up certification process, to determine that the travel agency has legitimately achieved its credential.

2. Go with travel agencies that specialise in your preferred kind of trips.
Adventure travel. Luxury cruises. Pan-Asian destinations. Italian countryside. Family budget travel. Culinary and cultural tours. Every travel agency will have its own specialty; some will work on specific regions across the globe while others create highly customised holidays.

Whatever type of trip you prefer, make sure that your travel agency has experience, resources, and knowledge to pull it off for you. From travel or cultural restrictions to familiarisation with accommodations, your travel agent’s expertise in the region you want to explore will give you a travel experience that is bound to be smooth.

3. Ask about what your itinerary might be.
What can you expect from your trip in the Caribbean or Eastern Europe? What is in store for you and your family, in terms of activities and sites to visit? And will all your travel requirements be met?

Your itinerary gives you a detailed plan of your entire trip. Not only will this itinerary tell you if the travel agency is well-versed in the location you intend to go to. It will also reveal the agency’s knowledge and commitment to delivering your needs as a traveller, from dietary restriction to preference for accommodation.

Other key factors to consider when choosing your travel agency would be options for travel insurance, so you stay protected throughout the trip, and access to money-saving deals. And always go local so you can always get in touch with the travel agency.


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