Artificial Grass: Uses and Applications

Artificial Grass: Uses and Applications

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Lawns have come a long way, from being costly, labour-intensive and elitist feature in the home to an essential, eco-friendly part of the residential and business landscape. Thanks to new innovations and technology, owning a lawn has become even more practical. There are now hassle-free, low-maintenance options to install turf in your property. Many homeowners and commercial property owners today consider artificial grass as the preferred choice for having that precious patch of green in your front or backyard.

Artificial turf is an in-demand and growing industry, especially that consumers have continue to discover an increasing number of users and applications for fake grass. The following are just some of the most common examples.

Residential properties. Synthetic lawn cuts the maintenance and expenses that homeowners usually acquire when they keep a traditional lawn. It spares the owner from the cost and labour of mowing, watering, fertilisers and pesticides applications and other cleaning and maintenance tasks. Artificial lawn stays lush and fresh-looking at all times, providing curb appeal for all seasons.

Children’s facilities. Schools and daycare centres make an effort to provide kids with sufficient playtime in the outdoors, under the sun. However, playing in the yard may trigger allergies in kids and during the rainy season, the soil can turn muddy and unsafe for games. Synthetic grass is a great year-round outdoor play area solution because it’s hypoallergenic and dust-free.

Commercial yards and landscaping. Commercial property managers and owners prefer to use fake grass for landscaping projects for its aesthetic appeal and cost effectiveness. Labour, maintenance and administrative costs are reduced, and the turf can be achieved easily according to the look and theme of choice. Also, companies get to contribute to the community by choosing environmentally sustainable fake grass.

Pet-friendly yards. Dogs and other pets love and need a good run around the yard, and so homes owners, kennels and pet resorts often ensure that they have a lawn to provide animals a venue to move and get some exercise. Installing artificial grass allows pets and pet owners to play to their hearts’ content without worrying about the grass being damaged or stained.

Public spaces. Governments and community leaders wanting to provide the public healthy green zones such as public parks and city gardens choose to install artificial lawns because of its minimal maintenance and suitability to high-traffic, high-activity areas. Fake turf is easy to clean and sanitise, and can stay in good condition under heavy use and traffic.


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