Artificial Grass is the Lawn of the Future

Artificial Grass is the Lawn of the Future

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A well-manicured lawn is a great way to add curb appeal to your home. For busy, stress out households, having a bit of green in your property is said to effective in providing a sense of calm and quiet. This is because views of nature bring feelings of relaxation to most people and the grass can act as a noise absorber.

However, once you think about all the time, money and effort necessary to keep the lawn well-maintained, healthy and tidy, it may not be very effective in providing relaxation at all. No matter where y9ou live and what climate you have in your area, proper lawn care demands meticulous attention and serious investment. You can either do it yourself and spend a huge chunk of your time and energy doing it, or hire lawn maintenance contractors and pay for the service.

On the other hand, did you know that there’s another easier, more convenient and more innovative way to enjoy a beautiful lawn all year round? You can now opt to install artificial grass in your yard as an alternative to a traditional lawn with real grass. “Fake lawns,” as they are also called, minimises, if not completely eliminates the painstaking lawn care responsibilities you have to shoulder if you have a conventional lawn.

Instant lawn
One of the big benefits of opting for synthetic turf is that the waiting time for your lawn to bloom to its full glory is cut in more than half. With traditional lawns, you typically need to wait for the grass to grow and tend to it before it becomes lush and vibrant green. With artificial grass, on the other hand, you can instantly enjoy the beauty of a healthy and well-maintained lawn right after installation.

Safe and durable
For families with small kids and pets or those who are following a sustainable lifestyle, they will be glad to know that fake lawns will free them from using toxic fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals that are usually used to maintain real grass. Synthetic grass is safe for small children and dogs to play on, and their durability can withstand rough play and heavy traffic.

As good (or better than) the real thing
If you’re worried about the lawn looking obviously fake, rest assured that new technologies have made it possible for artificial grass to look as good, if not, better, than the real thing. Choose high-quality artificial grass brands so that every blade of grass will show a healthy green colour that's close to nature, and a texture that’s soft to the touch. Also, make sure that the turf is installed by experts so it maintains appearance and performance for a longer time.


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