8 Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

8 Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

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How can you avoid suffering from hearing loss when you’re surrounded by all sorts of noise every day? Here are some practices that you should consider.

Do exercises.
Engage in regular cardiovascular exercise because it helps with blood circulation and fine tuning within the ear.

Eat ear-friendly foods.
Foods needed for normal ear function include cold-water fish (herring, salmon and trout), most nuts, seeds and whole grains, and all fresh vegetables and fruits. Consuming high levels of salt may increase fluid retention in your ears.

Practice recognizing various types of sound.
Close your eyes and listen to all the different sounds in your environment. One by one, try to decipher individual sounds that you hear, both near and far away. The more you practice, the more sounds you will learn to recognize.

Protect your ears.
Loud concerts, the sound of traffic on a highway or machinery at a construction site can reduce your hearing ability. If you’re overexposed to loud noise, the hair cells in your inner ear will stop recovering and a permanent hearing loss can occur. When you can't stay away from loud noise, protect your ears by wearing muffs, earplugs or headphones.

Regulate your music.
Listen to music at a low to medium volume. Choose music with elements that are clearly distinct from one another, so you can focus on one instrument or sound at a time. Pay full attention to the music, noting the distinctions between sounds and movements. Jazz is a great choice.

Treat other health issues.
Keep your immune system strong so that it can naturally fight off infections. Don't let your cold, flu, sinus infection or allergies get out of control (or become chronic or recurring) such that it impacts your ears and reduces your hearing. Some serious health conditions, such as diabetes, may lead to hearing loss as well. If you have diabetes, do what you can to keep it under control and seek immediate medical attention if you start having ear pain.

Try drinking red wine.
Drinking a glass of red wine every evening may enhance your ability to hear over time.

Visit your doctor.
If you have noticed a reduction or change in your hearing, schedule an appointment with a healthcare professional to examine your ears for any obvious abnormalities and ask you pertinent questions about your history and lifestyle. Most problems that negatively affect hearing are benign and reversible, so don't hesitate to seek professional opinions. Don't try to self-diagnose or get someone unqualified to dig in your ears.

For your overall health, consider consulting one of the most trusted medical professionals in Australia.


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