8 Rules to Follow When Selling Children's Clothing Online

8 Rules to Follow When Selling Children's Clothing Online

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As more and more consumers embrace the idea of online shopping, enterprising individuals can reach their targets with greater ease at a fraction of the cost of opening and maintaining a brick-and-mortar store.

If you want to become a successful online retailer of children's garments, bear in mind these 8 rules.

Don't lie about the condition of your items
Whether you are selling brand new or pre-worn children’s clothing online, make sure to describe these honestly, including their condition, on your site or other platforms you are using. Customers will appreciate your honesty in describing the actual condition of the items you are selling. Conversely, you'll come under flak for describing an item that is obviously flawed as being in perfect condition.

Don't gloss over flaws
A lot of online shoppers still buy items with flaws especially if these come from famous brands. If you intentionally hide these flaws from your buyers, you can pay a steep price in the form of a refund and lost reputation.

Don't forget to draw a return policy
Although a return policy is not mandatory, you can boost consumer confidence by making a detailed one. On top of that, such a policy can help protect your interests.

Do use your website's gallery when listing an item
More often than not, shoppers rely on the pictures of an item when deciding whether it is a good buy or not. Apart from crafting a detailed description for the article of clothing you are selling, make sure to take good pictures and post these on the website.

Do check your price
One of the advantages of online shopping that lures countless consumers is the wide range of prices. Unless you want to position yourself as a seller of premium clothing for children, never sell your items at a ridiculous price.

Do offer a reasonable shipping cost
Shipping fees can make or break a deal. As much as possible, offer customers the lowest shipping fee, charge a flat rate or offer combined shipping. But in order to determine the best rates, you first need to determine the average weight of the items you are selling.

Do ship items ASAP
Ideally, items bought from you should be shipped within three working days. When that is not possible, perhaps due to your busy schedule with your day job or your commitments at home, make sure that you inform your customers ahead and share with them your shipping schedule.

Don't ignore your buyer
Once the seller has bought an item from you, make sure to communicate with him or her and offer additional instructions (where applicable) or answer queries. This will help you solidify your relationship with your customers.


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