8 Easy Ways To Choose Tiles For Mosaic

8 Easy Ways To Choose Tiles For Mosaic

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Mosaics add a certain kind of vibrant and astonishingly unique feel to every space or every feature in any property. They create the most striking rooms you will ever see. It’s small wonder then that this ancient style is being used in every home today. But when shopping for your mosaic tiles, you need to consider more than just aesthetics.

Here are 8 easy ways to pick the right tiles for mosaic.

1. Consider where it will be installed.
Before you start making final decisions on designs, colours, and type (glass versus ceramic mosaic tiles), you need to think about the area of installation. Will the mosaic tiles be installed indoors or outdoors? Is it going to be for your bathroom or kitchen backsplash? Perhaps you intend to have it placed around your pool area, or even use it as flooring for your swimming pool?

2. Know the advantages and disadvantages of one mosaic tile over the other.
Some tiles are meant for walls and flooring while other mosaic tiles are completely ideal for wet conditions. Be aware of what each tile can offer for the specific area of installation.

3. Large-format mosaic tiles could do more than just create an illusion of space.
This is especially when you go for a singular colour or design. But large-format mosaics can also be crucial during maintenance: they are far easier to clean than small mosaic tiles, particularly when you’re scrubbing the grout lines.

4. Smaller mosaics, however, are ideal for curves and sloped areas.
Small mosaic tiles handle better in curved areas and create much more graceful slopes than large-format tiles.

5. When you want a feature wall, use larger tiles; for creating details, use smaller tiles.
Larger tiles look spectacular for feature walls while smaller tiles provide more interesting details, encouraging guests to your home to come and have a closer look.

6. Visualise how certain mosaic tiles would look as a pattern.
When it’s DIY project and you don’t have a designer to rely on, you need to actually see how your chosen mosaic tiles would look as a pattern. Whether you intend to lay out glass mosaic tiles horizontally or natural stone mosaics vertically, make sure you have seen the final look before deciding to have them installed.

7. Get the high-end look for less by asking your supplier the budget-friendly option.
Your mosaic tiles can look outstanding even if you didn’t pay a premium price for them. Ask your supplier about cheaper options, ones that would still function well in the space you intend for them, and you might just achieve the same high-end look without the high street price.

8. Splurge on installation.
And last, but not the least, consider spending on professional installation. Professional installers of mosaic tiles will guarantee both the functionality and form of your chosen products. Whether it’s for your swimming pool area or for your kitchen walls, expert installation ensures durability and beauty for your mosaic tiles.


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