7 Nail Problems That Can Tell Something About Your Health

7 Nail Problems That Can Tell Something About Your Health

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Nails are one of the beautiful features found on the body that can be styled using cuticles and arts, but they’re also an indicator of overall health issues. When you look at your nails, their form, quality and appearance can give you signs about current health status and what’s going on in your body. Nails can also be used to know if you have mineral and vitamin deficiency, and they reflect your lifestyle and stress levels. Here are some of the signs and symptoms that they may uncover about your health.

Yellowish nails
The yellowish colour of your nails or yellow stained nails can be a sign that you have liver dysfunction or fungal infection. It may be a side effect of smoking, caused by wearing acrylic fingernails or using too many chemicals.

Pitting nails
Pitting nails, which looks like a small pinprick, is frequently associated with psoriasis and autoimmune conditions.

Cracked nails
Cracked nail is possibly caused by environmental issues and using nail polishes, cleaning products or other chemical products. It’s recommended to use natural and chemical free nail polishes and cleaning products. In addition to this, cracked nails can also be a sign of nutritional deficiency of essential fatty acids such as omega-3, Biotin or Silica and Vitamins A, B, C. You should eat foods that are rich in essential fatty acids and high-quality animal protein, and dark leafy greens to lessen and prevent brittle nails.

Light coloured or pale nails
The white coloured or pale nails can be due to iron and protein deficiencies. They can be a sign of poor circulation, kidney or liver disorders. To prevent those symptoms, you should rug up in colder weathers to help increase circulation around your body and protect your nails and hands from the cold.

White spots from nail trauma
White spots from nail trauma may be caused by bumping or hitting your nails and they’re the most common nail symptom. However, they can also be the indicator of zinc or B6 deficiency.

Nail biting
Biting your nails is a great indicator of psychological and emotional health problem. It's a common stress-relieving habit, so it may suggest high levels of stress, boredom, anxiety and other psychological conditions. To prevent yourself from biting your fingernails, you should keep your nails trimmed and short.

Nail ridges
Vertical nail ridges are more prevalent with age, very necessary and not normally a sign of ill health but can be a sign of diabetes and poor digestion. They may also be the side effect of chemotherapy or nail trauma.

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