7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Floor Tiles

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Floor Tiles

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The floor could be the first thing that attracts attention upon entering your home. Therefore, it’s important that you have the best tile for your floor. And so, if you’re planning to buy tiles for your floor, there are things that you should avoid to stay away from possible mistakes.

Getting the measurement of your floor without an expert’s supervision
Measuring your floor alone can be crucial even though it looks simple and quick. Since a non-technical person isn’t familiar with some technical terms used by the professionals like “off angels”, “floor inclination” and “edges”, it’s better to hire a professional tile installer to do the task. The installer can also provide you with the estimated number and size of tiles that you need.

Not hiring a reliable tile setter
Many people are searching for DIY projects that can help them in replacing an old flooring with ceramic tiles. These projects may help you save a couple of bucks, but tiling requires a lot of patience, time and effort that needs to be handled by skilled and licensed tile setter.

Settling down with cheap alternatives
Your should plan your budget before you start remodelling your floor. You should make sure that you hire a good contractor and not just anybody who’s giving discounts, after all, the quality is what matters. Also, you shouldn’t buy materials from retailers who offer materials at an affordable rate but you know have a quality that you can’t trust. Take time to think about what’s expensive and cost-effective, as well as good and poor quality.

Choosing floor tiling materials that don’t fit your lifestyle
Having a tiled floor that’s pleasing to the eye is a good thing but, in choosing a floor tiling design, you should consider the materials that will suit your lifestyle. Don’t buy fancy flooring just because you want it, but consider what will fit for your household. Having your floor tiled means you’re more vulnerable to slips and minor accidents. Therefore, in choosing the flooring for your family’s room, you should consider the daily requirements of your family members.

Choosing grout without final plan
The lights and shadows can play tricks on you so you must finalise first the outcome of your tiled floors. Try to visualise the look of your floors after installing tiles on it. Through this, you can have your desired colour according to the surrounding elements.

Not looking for better options
Ceramic floor tiles have a variety of sizes, types, patterns and textures that can add beauty to your rooms. If you want a pleasing and attractive floor for your home, you must conduct a research about the different designs of tiling materials that manufacturers have. You can also try their durability and analyse whether it fits for your project.

Failing to read the papers
All licensed tile installers have price quotes and the description of their services. Make sure that all the important details such as price rates, duration of the project, materials to use, number of workers needed in your project, workmanship guarantee and insurance policies are discussed with your tile setter. Ask for the hard copy of the contract and read it thoroughly before you give your payment.

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