6 Ways to Lighten Up Your Bathroom Without Windows

6 Ways to Lighten Up Your Bathroom Without Windows

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When planning the interior arrangement of your home — whether it’s a well-polished condo, comforting home, or something in between — usually the last places to get window real estate is the bathroom. It leaves many of us with a bathroom without window, which feels a little boxed in.

Fortunately, here are some designer tips that will help you make your bathroom brighter — even if it has no windows.

Add a touch of white.
White is powerful than a mirror and it’s one of the best ways to reflect light through space. Bear in mind that white isn’t strictly about walls but can also be introduced through accessories. The paint carries a hint colour, and all things that hit white introduce a fresh looking room.

Use polished metal, mirror, glass, and lucite.
If there’s no window to let light in, don’t worry because there’s another alternative that won’t take light away. Polished metal, glass, mirror, and lucite are the best materials for boosting interest and drama without absorbing light. Your space will feel consistent even if there’s very little colour. Lucite accessories are useful particularly for the functional items you need on the counter; they’ll eat less space than opaque pieces, making the entire vibe less messy.

Consider a leggy vanity.
A leggy, open vanity will absolutely provide less storage, but if you can insert bathroom items on a closet, the longer sight lines of an open vanity will help you feel less boxed in. This style is more useful for compact bathrooms. An air vanity can also include a towel shelf, is usable for a basket of smaller items and still feel very light. White, metal and glass will help it appear to float.

Put multiple mirrors.
Mirrors help expand the space when put in unexpected place, particularly near the ground, where they let the floor stretch out. Aside from that, you can create a view by using mirrors for bathroom closet doors or toe kicks. A  wall which is full of mirrors or at least extending to the vanity really makes the space double visually and puts extra distance.

Layer the lighting.
Windows bring in horizontal light to oppose overhead lights. Without windows, however, all you’ve got is vertical light coming straight down — not flattering. Wall fixture will return that glow to your face and space. Layering lighting right over the glass is the best solution for small bathrooms and you can create the look with a hanging plug-in pendant, but when cutting an actual mirror, it’s not an option.

Fake it.
Believe that if you put some elements, it will make you feel  like your bathroom has windows. Ultimately, bathroom shade is closed, so putting one in front of an empty wall with a cool-running light behind it will make the illusion of a window and a scattered glow.

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