6 Ways To Have The “Best Night Ever” At A Club

6 Ways To Have The “Best Night Ever” At A Club

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Dancing is an excellent way to lose weight and stay in shape. But mostly, shaking your so-called moneymaker is just absolute fun. And if you happen to dance at a club, the entire experience gets even better — not just because of the booze, mind you.

For starters, you get to meet a lot of people. If you’re at that age when you’re set in your ways, you know it’s not easy to gain friends, let alone strike up a conversation with new people. The exciting and feel-good vibe of a dance club certainly makes interactions easier, albeit the conversation more difficult because of the loud music.

But while you’re bound to have fun at dance clubs, there is still a chance that your night gets ruined for one or two reasons: 1) the club is too crowded so your dancing looks like you’re in some shipping container full of people, and 2) the clubgoers are uppity.

To make sure you get the best night ever in a club, here are six things you can do.

1. Choose a club that plays your kind of music.
Some clubs have dark dance floors, playing several kinds of music — from techno to hip hop. Other clubs have a bigger space, offering multiple dance floors that play distinct genres in each. Then there are clubs dedicated to specific genres like a Latin dance club that exclusively plays salsa music.

2. Pick a good night.
On some nights, some clubs offer free entrances at certain hours or hold dance contests. A good night for going to a club isn’t just about not having to work the next day; it’s also about getting the full experience the club has to offer.

3. Wear the right outfit, the right shoes.
You want to look good when you hit the clubs, but what good is your outfit if you can barely move? If your fabulous shoes look good but you can only dance for 15 minutes before you feel a pinch, you will have wasted your night out.

4. Eat something before you head out.
You do not want to drink all night on an empty stomach. If you want to enjoy your cocktails and shooters, and not vomit at the end of the night, nosh on something substantial.

5. Go with all your friends and start early.
Make it a whole day affair if you can manage it. Start with post-work drinks. Move to a good restaurant for late dinner. Fuel up with good conversations and espresso. Then hit the first club on your list. Take a break and maybe hit another type of club, like an exotic club, for variety. Then check out a new dance club. And get greasy brekky at a 24-hour diner before heading home.

6. Hire a limo.
Someone has to be the designated driver at the end of this epic night of clubbing. But instead of pointing fingers at one another, hire a limo and you’ll get chauffeured from club to club. This not only gets you beyond the velvet rope but also, you never have to worry about parking and everyone gets home safe and sound.


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