6 Ways to Get the Best Hotel Deal

6 Ways to Get the Best Hotel Deal

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Regardless if your hotel is meant to be a vacation highlight or just a place to rest your head at night, you can always do better than the everyday rate most people pay. From when to book to how to find hidden discounts, these tips can save you bundles the next time you’re going to stay at a hotel.

Compare prices online.
If the internet is the key access, you can plug information into all the hotel discounters and the major travel search engines. This will give you a baseline price for the time you want to travel, as well as an idea of the hotels on offer.

Call the hotel directly rather than any reservation office.
Booking directly may not always get you the best rate, but it does increase your chances of scoring a hotel upgrade. When the hotel is getting a higher portion of your booking, that means you’re a more valuable customer for them and will be higher up the list to move to a better floor should the chance arises.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate.
Try to call the hotel and see if they can offer a better price or room upgrade, or throw in a few extras. This can work well if it’s close to the accommodation date and they still have plenty of rooms vacant. Tell them the price you’ve seen online, and ask them if they can match it or beat it. They prefer to deal with people directly because they won't need to pay a commission to the website, so they may throw in some extras for you like WiFi or a late checkout.

Take advantage of freebies.
Next to the cost of flights and accommodations, meals take up the biggest portion of most people’s travel budget. Find a hotel that offers daily free breakfast — even a buffet — to rack up real in-trip savings. The same goes with an in-room coffee pot, microwave, and refrigerator.

Have a budget for amenities.
If you got a screaming deal on the hotel room, be prepared to pay for the extras. Your request for what has been standard with a room may, without a warning, end up as an additional cost on your bill. Other extra charges showing up on hotel bills include the use of workout facilities, the pool, or even an ironing board.

Mention when it's a special occasion.
Whether you’re celebrating your birthday or anniversary, or it’s your honeymoon or first time at a hotel, it never hurts to tell that you're there celebrating a special time of your life. Sometimes, it can lead to upgrades or amenity kits that will help make your stay all the more special.

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