6 Tips to Choose Your Pool Tiles

6 Tips to Choose Your Pool Tiles

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Some people find it very difficult to choose the colour for their pool. They might find it confusing as pool colours are dominated with shades in the same hue. It’s important to know what you want first before opting for some colours. Here, we have several tips that you can use for your consideration when choosing the right tiles for your pool.

1. Show pictures to your pool builder
This could be the best place to start when you are building a swimming pool. You can use pictures from magazines or the internet. When you find the one you like best, show it to your pool builder and ask if they can find something similar to it. It’s important to ask for advice to your pool builder since picture references may have edited earlier before they were published on the media. If you talk to your pool builder about what kind of colour that you want for your pool, based on your references, they may help you to find the perfect colour.

2. Choose the shades wisely
Worrying too much about two similar shades is not worth your time. Colour will change gradually depending on the sun brightness, shadows of things around the pool, etc. Look at the location of your pool, the depth and how things look regarding to your pool. If it’s surrounded by many objects and cause a lot of shadows to your pool, opt for lighter colours.

3. Consider the size of the pool
If you have small swimming pool, opt for light coloured tiles as they create an illusion of bigger space. If you opt for darker coloured tiles, you can define clean lines or a reflection pool look.

4. Consider the overall tones
Try to find something that will match the objects near the pool. If it’s mostly warm, you can choose a pool colour which have natural colour tones. But, if you like your pool to really stand out, pick one that is very bright or look contrast to things surround the pool.

5. See a real example of the pool
If you have consult to your pool builder about your dream pool, ask them if you can see the pools they have made which have similar characters as yours. You may need to visit their clients’ houses to see their pools. Hopefully this will help you to confirm that you pick the right builder by seeing their actual works.

6. Pick the colour that you really like
Always remember that you are the one who is going to look at it every day. When you have chosen the right builder and their work have done well, every colour can look great. That’s why it’s important to choose the color that you like and if you need more tips about choosing tiles in general, check out the Amber Tiles section of Top4 for further advice and tile ideas http://www.top4.com.au/business/amber-tiles-12026.


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