6 Daily Habits that Damage Your Hair

6 Daily Habits that Damage Your Hair

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Many people don’t realise that everyday habits can cause damage to their hair. Treating your hair the wrong way on a daily basis can contribute unhealthy conditions to happen worse than occasional treatments.

These are the things you do everyday which can cause major and possibly long-term damage to your hair:

1. Combing your hair too Much
Hair is not meant to be stressed and combing your hair more than necessary may damage your hair. This is the reason why you get the split ends on your strands of hair. You only need to comb your hair about twice or thrice daily. Instead of combing your hair too much, just run your fingers through your hair gently if you need to keep it neat.

2. Using the wrong hair products
Products that contain alcohol are not the best, it may dries your hair and it doesn’t smell good either. Opt for products which are made specifically for your hair condition, make sure you know your hair problems and find a solution to treat it the right way. This is why it’s important to do your homework first. Get to know what your hair really need instead of following what’s popular.

3. Hair Styling Products Over-Used
You might apply too much cream and spray to your hair to reach the result that you desired, but in the other hand, it prevent your hair from breathing. Applying styling products generously don’t make your hair any healthier, neither use it daily. If you really need the help of styling products, try to apply it wisely. After you clean it up, give your hair some time to rest from those chemical products you use to help you styling.

4. Dry Your Hair Aggressively
Wet hair is very fragile and it may break easily when you treat it harsh. Towels may be soft and fluffy, but when you use it to dry your hair aggressively, it may damage your hair. It is true that you’ll get your hair dry faster, but it can cause frizziness, hair-fall and dullness if you do it regularly. It’s recommended to pat it dry or wrap your hair with towel so it can absorb the water from your wet hair. Then, you can let your hair dry naturally. But, if you need it to dry fast, a hairdryer can help and make sure not to set it too hot.

5. Not Allowing your hair a break
It’s not recommended to curl or straighten your hair after you bleach or dye it. If you intend to change your hair texture after dying your hair, then it’s better to wait for several months. You can risk it but if you plan to keep your hair healthy for a long time, it’s better not to put your hair in non-stop harsh treatments.

6. Hair Styling Tools Abuse
Styling tools don’t have to be set to a very high heat before you use them on your hair. Always makes sure it’s not too hot when you need to use it. Good styling tools have temperature control you can use to manage the heat. Also, opt for good quality material for your styling tools, such as ceramic instead of metal for flat/curl iron. It may cost you a bit much, but it won’t damage your hair any further.


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