5 Ways to Cure a Reading Slump

5 Ways to Cure a Reading Slump

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Having a difficult time to read? We’ve all been there. In some ways, despite being surrounded by a TBR pile that grows bigger with each passing day, you’ve already lost the enthusiasm to read. It’s because you haven’t been inspired by anything new, or you’re just too busy to pick up a book, that the spark is gone. Don’t be disappointed. Here are some ways to cure a reading slump and reignite the reading spark in your book-loving heart.

Read only one book at a time.
The thought of reading more than one book at a time might hurt you but, sometimes, reading many books at any given moment is just a fact of life. It’s also one of the easiest ways to get pressured and feel like you’re not making any progress with any of them. Simply take the pressure off by focusing on one for now.

Get off the internet.
Do get offline for a long enough time, but not forever, just to get a book recommendation from something (or more importantly someone) other than an algorithm. Go out from your home and visit your favourite book store or invite your bookish friend to hang out and read some books. There are people everywhere who will be more than willing to tell you about a book they love and their enthusiasm and excitement when reading a book will be far more inspiring for you.

Check out an unfamiliar section of the book store.
If you usually head straight towards the same section every time you enter a book store, mix it up and try out some new in a different part of the shop. This will help you reignite the spark in your book-loving heart. Don’t go too far, but far enough to be in a strange territory with authors or titles you don’t immediately recognise.

Read a short book.
Reading a short book takes less time because it has fewer words and fewer pages to read. After reading it, you’re more likely to feel like you have accomplished something.

Revisit a favourite book or author.
Sometimes, you just need to go back to where the magic started. Think of the last book you fall in love with, which made you laugh or cry, and read it up again. Read some chapters and remind yourself what power a good book can have. You can also check if an author you enjoy has any other books you might have missed.

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