5 Tips for Breathing New Life into Your Living Room without Breaking Your Budget

5 Tips for Breathing New Life into Your Living Room without Breaking Your Budget

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Published by TOP4 Team

In an ideal world where time and budget do not have to be factored in, a living room decor update will include purchasing a new set of furniture and decor, a new splash of colours on the walls, and the installation of new floorings.

However, the reality most people have to contend with is the scarcity of both time and money. That, however, does not mean that you have to put your living room makeover on hold — not with these quick and easy tricks.

Repaint your living room walls
A fresh coat of paint can instantly and dramatically alter the look of your living room without compromising your budget. If you have a conservative taste, opt for neutral colours. On the other hand, if you really want to shake things up, use bold colours on an accent wall. This wall can serve as the focal point of the room.

Create a focal wall
But what exactly is a focal wall? As its name implies, this wall draws the attention of guests and serves as the centrepiece of the room. Apart from using bolder colours, you can put paintings, vintage mirrors and found objects on this wall to reflect your taste and style.

Use the right accessories
One useful tool used by interior designers to give a dull living room a new lease on life is the rug. Rugs can define and refine a space and even change the room's ambience.

If you want to give your bathroom a more finished and personalised look, consider investing in a few throw pillows for your sofa. The key here is to use pillows within the same colour spectrum but with different textures, patterns and sizes.

Invest in quality furniture
No, you do not have to invest in a new sofa set just to complete the redesign of your living room. Take a cue from expert stylists: Scrounge secondhand markets for unique and vintage pieces. With a little time and effort, you can restore a vintage find into a great conversation piece.

Many designers suggest investing in a coffee table. Coffee tables, and similar furniture that are unconventional, can serve as an anchor for your living room's new look. Apart from that, these pieces cost only a fraction of the price of a new, complete sofa set.

Sometimes, all you have to do is de-clutter your living room to give it a fresh appearance. Take a good hard look at the items in your living room and throw or give away the pieces that no longer work for you.


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