5 Quick and Easy Ways to Revive Your Bathroom

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Revive Your Bathroom

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The bathroom is the first room you head for after waking up, and the last one you go to before retiring for bed. Over time, bathrooms can lose some of their functionality and aesthetic appeal, leading homeowners to think that a bathroom remodel is the remedy. But in most circumstances, a bathroom renovation may prove to be a drastic, if not costly, option. If you are looking for ways to refresh the look of your bathroom, here are some simple ways you can revive your bathroom.

Colour Makeover
The use of colours is one of the quickest ways to do over a bathroom. You can repaint the bathroom to match your personal style and preferences and utilise colours to set the mood — from earthy tones for a more relaxing appeal to primary colours for a more cheerful ambience. But apart from repainting the bathroom walls, you can add a dash of colour and more life to a dull bathroom by simply displaying coloured towels.

Revive Your Bathtub
Speaking in terms of functionality, your bathtub still gets the job done. But in terms of looks, your tub may have seen better days. Instead of replacing the current bathtub in your bathroom, you can enlist the aid of experts in bath and basin resurfacing to give your bathtub a second lease on life. This way, you get the best of both worlds: savings, and a virtually new bathtub.

Change Fittings
Another quick way to improve the appearance of your bathroom is to change the fittings of the shower, bathtub and sink. Apart from the aesthetic benefits provided by the latest models of fittings available for property owners, these add more functionality to fixtures, enabling you to save on your water bill and make showering more pleasurable.

Change Lights
By simply changing the lights of your bathroom, you can instantly upgrade its functionality and look. If you find yourself complaining that your bathroom looks gloomy or that you practically can't see yourself in the mirror, putting lights in strategic areas and opting for brighter lights can make a big difference. Do remember to seek the help of a qualified electrician for this task, especially if rewiring is required.

Clean Your Shower Screen or Buy a New One
It's fairly easy to overlook the shower screen. But because of the amount of space they take up, the mere act of reviving or changing the shower screen can help improve the look of your bathroom. If you have a relatively new shower screen, all you may have to do is give it a quick cleaning. If your shower screen has seen better days, you can simply replace it.

Sometimes, it's the small details that make the difference. When you want to upgrade your bathroom but you cannot afford a total remodel, consider following these tips.


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