5 Possible Reasons Why Your At-Home Dinner Party Failed

5 Possible Reasons Why Your At-Home Dinner Party Failed

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You filed for leave at work just to prepare for that special day. You slaved for hours in your hot kitchen. You took pains to put on the decors and create the picture-perfect tablescape. You cleaned and scrubbed until every surface in your home is bright and shiny. You even bribed the college kid next door to come up with a trendy playlist.
So why did your party ended with a whimper?

Hosting a party at home can be frazzling, regardless of how big or small the crowd will be or how casual or formal the event. Whether you want to impress your guests or simply make sure that everyone feels glad they accepted your invitation, it’s truly a real challenge to make sure every element you have thrown together will be a good mix.

If your last party at home was awkward, the following may be the reasons:

1. You failed to relax. The mood of the host will always have a huge influence to the atmosphere of the party. Did you welcome your guests with a great smile and a drink in hand? Or did you open the door looking frazzled and anxious and still in your greasy apron? The first rule if you want your guests to have fun: Enjoy the occasion yourself.

2. The lighting was harsh. Invest in interior lights that create a feel-good, chill mood and that flatter the features of your guests as well. Your best bet to achieve this is to dim the lights a bit and use lighting that mimics the tone of candlelight, but brighter. Setting up real candles in strategic places creates a beautiful effect as well.

3. Your guests didn’t know where to go. You know your friends, so if it’s a sit down dinner, plan a seating arrangement that you know will be conducive to interesting conversations. If the party is less formal, create a few zones in the house where guests can sit down, talk, dance a little or just enjoy each other’s company.

4. The music was blah. Your playlist should not be the star of the show, but should be impactful enough to set the atmosphere for the occasion. There’s no right or wrong playlist, because it all depends on the preferences of your guests. But a good rule of thumb is to have tracks as the party progresses – arrival, dinner, and dessert/coffee/nightcap.

5. The food didn’t deliver. Make sure there is plenty of food and drinks – you don’t want to run to the store if supplies ran out. Again, the menu depends on who’s coming over. But whether you’re geared to serve an impressive gourmet spread or you want your guests to partake of delightful all-time favourites, one thing to remember is to choose the dishes smartly so you’re not spending the entire night in front of the stove. Serve your guests graciously, enjoy the feast and have a good time!


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