5 Keys to Get Good Car Rental Deals

5 Keys to Get Good Car Rental Deals

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Car rental is one way of shaving your expenses in travelling, but finding a good car rental deal can be frustrating. You may find yourself clicking around the web for hours looking for the best deal. To help you with that, here are some tips on how you can find great car rental offers.

Shop the internet.
There are internet sites that have better deals because it’s cheaper for the company to operate online. Try to browse the web to find a car rental company and check the reviews about the company.

Avoid renting from the airport.
The airport has a captive audience and when a car rental company knows that they have a captive audience, they tend to charge more. Most of the airport-based car rental agencies tack extra surcharges because they know that they can. It’s advisable to rent on the neighbourhood location or in those areas near the airport instead of renting directly at the airport.

Time your reservation.
Rent the car you need after making sure that you already have your hotel or airline booking ready. But if you’re planning to book during peak seasons, such as long holiday weekends, you should reserve ahead — maybe six weeks before your trip.

Consider how long you need the car.
You may need the car for only two days but try also to check if you can get a better price if you rent it for longer days. You might get the car cheaper if you’ll rent it for four or five days. If you’re renting online, you should know how to play with the dates and see if you’ll get better deals if you add an extra day of renting.

Look for discounts or referral codes.
Most of the credit card services and car associations have discounts, miles or points which you can earn. Companies are doing these to keep their clients loyal to them. They also offer new discounts and rewards for you to save money. Take time to search for some car rentals which have a great offer of discounts and rewards.

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