5 Ideal Shoes for Women to Wear in the Summer

5 Ideal Shoes for Women to Wear in the Summer

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Compared to winter and autumn when the both days can range from pleasingly crisp to substantially chilly to downright freezing, summer is decidedly the Sun's time to shine bright — literally.

Blazing bright days and higher temperatures can have people running out to the beach to get some tanning done, taking a dip in a cool swimming pool, or basking in the glorious sights of different natural landscapes because there's no better time to marvel at the world's beauty than when the sun is out.

With all these activities in mind, it's a good idea for women to have different kinds of footwear ready to provide the appropriate level of protection, durability and style during the hottest season of the year. After all, looking good and feeling comfortable during your various planned summer escapades is one of the keys to having a truly memorable summer spent with family, close friends, and loved ones.

So say goodbye to your chunky boots and say hello to more casual, carefree weather with these five types of footwear that are perfect for all the plans you have this summer.

1. Sandals
Nothing says summer more than displaying your lovely, daintily manicured toes in slender, sleek sandals that come in a wide variety of styles and embellishments. Many sandals come in strappy forms that expose the feet while securing the heel to the base. Typically made with leather, thin, minimalist sandals pair well with shorts, skirts and jeans. Of course, if you're headed for a dressier event, there are more detailed sandals with metallic materials or encrusted jewels for a more formal look.

2. Ballet flats
These are highly versatile shoes to run around in, and they go extremely well with different outfits, from jeans to sundresses to shorts to corporate attire. Much of the top of the foot is exposed, while the underside is provided smooth, adequate protection and coverage. They come in a wide range of textures, like velvet, leather, patent leather and printed canvas. They can also be adorned with pretty bows, ribbons or buttons for more detail.

3. Flip flops
You can't go to the beach wearing closed shoes — they'll fill up with sand or get drenched in saltwater and ruin their shape or texture. Flip flops are typically made with rubber and are great for times when you get in and out of the water and need protection from the searing heat of the shore. As many women will also attest, flip flops are the perfect footwear to change into after a long day of trotting around the office in high heels — they help the feet rest in a flat position and allow more than sufficient ventilation to help cool the feet down.

4. Wedges
If you still want to add some height and lengthen your legs in certain outfits without enduring the punishing pains of wearing sky-high heels, then wedges are the ideal alternative. The top of the foot is open while the heel is raised with the help of a wide, solid base. It has more surface area so the feet can stand steadily instead of teetering on thin heels.

5. Sneakers and trainers
Summer won't have that laidback, carefree feel if you don't go a few days wearing a simple combination of jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers. You can grab your morning caffeine fix, run errands, meet friends at the neighbourhood bakery, and hang out with your kids and pets at the park, with your feet all snug and comfortable in rubber or canvas sneakers that lace up. Likewise, summer is one of the best times to push your workout routine to the next level, so you need to have a trusty pair of workout shoes — running shoes or trainers for exercising in the gym or elsewhere — to help you move the way you need to move.


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