5 Home Selling Tips For First-Timers

5 Home Selling Tips For First-Timers

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Home selling has earned a reputation for being notoriously difficult and stressful. It’s true that there are many challenges involved in selling your own home, but when you look at it pragmatically and take away the emotional quotient of “home sweet home,” you can clearly view your home as a solid physical structure, like any other property. And since it has value, it is but a commodity, just like any item that can be bought and sold in the market.

What makes people hesitant or somewhat afraid is the fact that they have no experience with the process. The solution is to do your research and equip yourself with accurate information about the process. Below is a step-by-step guideline that will help you gain more confidence when selling your home.

1. Choose a real estate agent
The first tips to success when selling your home is to work with a highly competent real estate agent who aims to understand your needs and represent your best interests. Home buying and selling are often milestones meant to be celebrated. Do not be discouraged if you end up needing to discuss your options and goals with a few different agents before you find the right one. It is important to invest some time upfront to ensure that you choose wisely.

2. Invest in a home makeover
This does not mean that you have to renovate your home. Just working on little details can make a huge difference in raising the value of your home. Mow the lawn, plant some flowers, update the light fixtures, paint the mailbox, replace the numbers on the door, etc. These small stuff will make a huge impact on prospective buyers.

3. Bake dinner rolls for the open house
Your agent will most likely take care of the snacks, but it’s is always good to get involved in this process. The smell of freshly baked bread is enticing and can trigger a positive emotional response for prospective buyers. It’s a small touch – the aroma of baked bread – that can help the right buyers visualize themselves living in your home.

4. Help the advertising process
It wouldn’t hurt if you help get the word out to families and friends, perhaps via social networking sites. Collaborate with the agent on making virtual tours for those who can’t come in the open house. Set an online page, upload professional pictures of the property, and include information on how people can request a schedule for a special tour. Make sure that your photos include the most picturesque times like sunrise through the kitchen window, twilight time in the garden, etc.

5. Stage the house
Most agents will suggest staging the home for the open house. This means reorganising furniture or adding new fixtures to liven up the place. The idea is to help buyers get a better idea and feel on how it is to live in your house. Another important factor is to make sure you display some brochures from the neighbouring shops, exclusive clubs, schools, and other successful businesses in the area. This will remind the potential buyers of the perks of owning a home such as yours.
Selling a home requires attention to detail and your full commitment. Work on being an informed seller and be actively involved in the decision making process. Once you gain deeper understanding and clarity of what’s involved, you’ll improve the opportunities of selling your home for the right price to the most ideal buyer.


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