5 Fast Fixes to Refresh Your Bathroom on a Budget

5 Fast Fixes to Refresh Your Bathroom on a Budget

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Published by TOP4 Team

Does your bathroom look old, tired and dated?

It doesn’t have to be that way – after all, you spend a lot of time in it on a daily basis, and chances are, it’s used not just by your household but also your guests as well. What you should know is that even with limited time and budget, you can update the look of your bathroom and make it look and feel fresh again. You don’t need a major renovation. You just need some creative ideas and a little elbow grease to improve the look and functionality of the space.

Since the bathroom is typically one of the smallest rooms in your house, the small changes you make can already have a huge impact. Here are some ideas you can start with to refresh your bathroom immediately:

1. Pick one key element. Make a statement by adding or swapping just one element in the bath. It can be the mirror: change the generic, rectangular mirror with large-sized one with a statement frame such as a starburst, neon-painted or gold-dipped frame. Or you can change the rug: from the drab grey one, you can use something with a more colourful pattern or an interesting texture. You’ll be surprised how such a simple thing can immediately liven up the space.

2. Turn to the walls. Create the mood you want for your bathroom with the use of wall colour. A can of pain can go a long way in transforming your bath into a blue or aqua oasis. Wallpaper in an intricate pattern can make everyday showers feel luxe and special. Some homeowners even opt for colourful murals for a bathroom that can truly wake them up in the morning.

3. Kill the clutter. Sometimes, a simple sweep of your bathroom sink, vanity or toiletries caddy already saves the problem. Invest in smart organisers that keep your stuff in order and making them just within reach. For a more cohesive look, you can choose or spray paint organisers in one colour. You also don’t have to be limited by store-bought ones. Woven hampers, painted tin cans or wire baskets can all be used to create neat and tidy bathroom storage.

4. Let there be light. Change your light fixtures or add some pin lights to add texture and interest to the space. Install bright lights on task areas such as vanity mirrors and sinks. Replace the window treatment with something that allows natural light and air flow in, while still providing privacy. The right lighting design can make the bathroom look lighter and newer, and can even help you save energy in the process.

5. It’s all right to accessorise. The bathroom may be a utility room, but it doesn’t mean that it should look dull and utilitarian. Add a few accessories to make the space look more pulled together. Try adding towels in hues to add a pop of colour. Put up artwork and framed posters on the walls. Get a plant that does not require lots of sunshine, place in it a pretty pot, and place on a strategic corner.

The best thing about these five suggestions is that they can all be done and completed during one weekend. You can use all brand-new items or you can choose to go DIY on some, depending on your budget and preferences. By Monday, you’ll all be welcomed by a bathroom that deceptively looks brand new.


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