5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Automatic Gates

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Automatic Gates

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Nowadays, the crime rate is continually increasing so more secure gates and doors are needed. In the past, not everyone can afford to have automatic gates but today, because of the improvement in technologies, homes with automated gates are becoming more and more popular. Automatic gates are the most effective, practical and convenient way to protect your family and home.

Installing automatic gates is a major investment for a family. Therefore, before choosing, you should first consider the following factors to have a secure and safe gate.

1. Power supply needs
Most of the gate systems today require standard domestic electric supply in the gate area. Make sure that the power supply is installed by a qualified person. You’ll also need the power supply for the intercoms and lighting systems that the gate requires.

2. Type of gate
You can determine the type of gate you need for the entrance of your property. If you have a driveway that slopes upwards toward your home, you might need to use the sliding type of gate. It will save you for some space compared to swing gate. Also, it gives you the full access to the driveway from a different angle. The sliding gate also guarantees a higher level of security than swing gate.

3. Your style
You can also determine which type of gate to use depending on the style of your home and your own. If your priority is your privacy, you should choose a solid gate. But if you’re more concerned with the look, you should choose a gate which is more decorative, such as wrought iron or steel gates. You can also have the multi-bar timber gates which have a lovely rustic feeling.

4. Operating and access control systems
You should weigh up the required type of operating system. The Hydraulic system is quieter and has better resistance to the wind compared to other types. It has a longer lifespan but it’s more expensive to install. If you’re not too much concerned about noise and the wind, you can use electro-mechanical systems.

As for the access control, there are a lot of choices available for you. You can have the voice and video intercoms, key operated switches or digital pads. Set time to look for more options and compare their prices before choosing one.

5. Emergency plans and safety
If power or system failure happens, you should make sure that you have emergency manual overrides. You can ask the person who will install it on how to use this feature.

Safety should always come first. As the homeowner, it’s your duty to always check if the entrance is clear before you open or close the gate. But you can have safety beams to detect any hindrance like vehicles or people. This won’t allow the gates to be operated until the area is clear.

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