5 Essential Items You Need for Your Tool Kit

5 Essential Items You Need for Your Tool Kit

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Even if you are not interested in doing home improvement projects, it is worthwhile to spend time learning basic construction skills that will prove valuable should emergencies arise at home. But whether you are harbouring dreams of becoming a DIY master or you are simply keen on just learning the basics to get by, you will need to put together a tool kit.

A tool kit will vary from one person to another. A beginner's tool kit should contain a few essentials that will get a majority of tasks at home done. On the other hand, the tool kits of more experienced DIY enthusiasts will definitely contain more tools and gadgets.

If you are just putting together your own tool kit, here are the five essential items you need to purchase first.

Hammer and nails
A decent tool kit should have your basic claw hammer and a few nails of varying sizes. A claw hammer is a versatile tool that can help you perform a wide variety of tasks and projects. As you gain more proficiency and confidence, you can begin adding different types of hammers, including rubber mallets and ball peen hammers, or even a nail gun. But for starters, you can never go wrong with a claw hammer.

Power drill
Whether you are working on a sheet metal or wood frame or if you need to hang pictures on a brick wall, a power drill is a simple yet effective tool that can help you bore holes.

For casual users, a cordless power drill often gets the job done right. However, if you are a heavy user, you may want to invest in a power drill with a cord. Also, you may want to invest in a few drill bits.

A decent tool box should have at least two screwdrivers: a Philips and a flathead screwdriver. If you can afford it, opt for an electric screwdriver or choose a power drill that can be fitted with bits for screws.

Table saws and jigsaws remain the more popular saws. However, many of today's builders opt for circular saws which can perform a wide variety of tasks while offering benefits like portability.

Measuring device
No tool box would be complete without having at least one measuring device. Two of the most useful and popular of these are the tape measure and the level. Both devices can ensure that you won't be wasting your time, effort or even the materials used in your project.


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