5 Energy Saving Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

5 Energy Saving Tips for Your Air Conditioning System

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When the summer temperature starts busting and the humidity makes it feel like you’re swimming through the world full of soup, your air conditioning systems are all working overtime to keep your home cool. Whether you’re concerned about the environment or your budget, working to conserve energy in your home is an excellent goal. Consider these helpful tips on saving energy, since air conditioning can constitute a large portion of your energy consumption.

Set your air conditioner at 24° or warmer.
The recommended temperature for your air conditioning system is 24° in the summer months and 20° in the winter month. Every degree cooler than these uses about 10% more energy. These temperatures are comparative to outside temperatures in the Queensland climate. In view of maintaining temperature, you should always avoid having your air conditioning system work in overload.

Close the curtains and blinds.
Make sure that the blinds are drawn and ensure that your curtains are fitted with insulating block out material. This will shut out the sun and heat rays that make their way into your home, and keep your internal room temperature from rising and your air conditioner from kicking in so the room temperature will be managed and regulated.

Clean the filter.
Dirty filters reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. Not only will this increase your monthly energy usage, but it will also place a strain on the system. It’s highly recommended that your air conditioner filters should be cleaned every 3-4 months. To clean your filters, simply remove them from the front of the air conditioner unit (if it’s a split system) or the return air grill (if it’s a ducted system) then clean off dust build-up by vacuuming or hosing out. If you’re hosing out, let your filter completely dry out before reinstalling.

Use a programmable thermostat.
By simply turning your automatic setback or programmable thermostat back 10% to 15% for 8 hours, you can save as much as 10% a year on your cooling bills. Having a programmable thermostat in your home can be just as important for your comfort as it is for your energy consumption. This thermostat will allow you to set the temperature higher during those hours when your family is away from home (cutting your energy consumption) and then start cooling your home right before your expected return so that you won’t come back to a stuffy home. Depending on the type of thermostat you get, you may also have the ability to set a different temperature that will allow for optimal sleep.

Turn off the air in rooms that are unoccupied.
If a room or area isn’t occupied, switch the air off and close the door. This will reduce the working load of your air conditioning unit, which helps increase energy efficiency and save on running costs.

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