5 Easy Steps To Organise Your Closet

5 Easy Steps To Organise Your Closet

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Next to the garage, the closet is by far the easiest to be filled with junk accumulated through time. A disorganised closet makes it harder to find anything and a lot of space are not getting maximised. As any closet owner would concur, a regular schedule of closet organising is needed because it gets easier when done on a routine basis.

Before getting overwhelmed with a seemingly momentous task, know that closet organising is easier than it looks.

Here are the four basic guides.

1. Analyse

As in any life endeavor, you begin by analysing the whole closet, its contents, how it is currently organised or disorganised, if it needs repairs or patching up, etc. This is the part where you visualise what you want the inside of your closet to be and where you want each item to be located. A sort of plan forms in your head on how you would go about it.

2. Clear

Assign an ample space area where you can temporarily put all the contents of your closet. The bed would be an ideal staging area. Clear the closet of all its contents and put the heaps of stuff on your staging area. Use a rack where you can hang your clothes so it would be easier for you to browse through them.

3. Sort

In the course of life of a busy household, it is only natural to put things where they don’t belong. Don’t be surprised to find that among those hiding in the closet are stuffs that don’t belong there, and that you’ve been looking for them for quite a while. Now is the time to return stuff to their original storage places. Categorise everything according to their uses. The number of categories is directly proportional to how meticulous you want the whole project to be.

4. Purge

Now is the time where you get rid of unwanted stuff. Segregate what you need to throw away, sell, donate or recycle. As painful as this process may be for most of us, there is simply no way around it.

5. Organise

With each item categorised, put them all back in the closet. Spray some air freshener to finish the job.

Voila! You just made your life easier.


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