4 Habits To Stop Doing To Start Enjoying A More Organised Home

4 Habits To Stop Doing To Start Enjoying A More Organised Home

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Want to eliminate clutter and maintain a tidy and neat home?

Then you might want to get a few tips from global home organisation guru, Marie Kondo. Ms. Kondo became a household name when her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising” became a best seller. Hundreds of readers now continue to claim that following the author’s advice did not only improve their homes, but more importantly, has completely changed their lives.

You need to read the book to really be able to understand the principles behind the method, and to correctly follow the instructions and lessons the author prescribed. To give you a rough overview of the “KonMari” method, here are a few tips that will make your home organising and decluttering mission more efficient and successful.

Don’t tell your mom. If you plan to organise your family home, it’s best to go through the process all by yourself. When tackling communal spaces, you don’t have to seek permission from each and every person in the house if you want to throw out or give away a certain item. This is true especially for items that have not been used for a few years. If they did not miss that piece last year, they most probably won’t need it this year and the next.

Don’t go from room to room. The typical approach most people take is to organise from one room to the next. Avoid organising per location. Instead, tackle the clutter by category: clothes (divided into subcategories such as tops, bottoms, etc.), shoes, bags, books, kitchen utensils, garden equipment and so on. By doing this, you prevent the objects from creeping from room to room, allowing you to rein clutter more efficiently.

Don’t let memories block your progress. Ms. Kondo urges readers to make it their last priority to organise memorabilia such as photos, letters and other items with sentimental value. It’s so easy to lose sight of your targets when you get derailed during your trip to the memory lane. So make those items the last on your list, so you can see progress faster.

Don’t be afraid of change. To seriously make your home more beautiful and functional, you need to throw away not just clutter, but old habits and beliefs. This psychological burden is actually the huge reason why many people find it extremely difficult to live a clutter-free life. But with practice, discipline, determination and the right strategy, a neater, organised and better home and life can be a reality for you.

Keeping your home clean and tidy doesn’t need to be a mission for you alone. Save time, money and your energy by calling professional and reliable cleaning services for best results.


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