4 Beauty Tips To Stop Following Right Now

4 Beauty Tips To Stop Following Right Now

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Have you ever spotted a beauty article in a magazine, only to discover that it offers just about the worst beauty advice you’ve ever heard in your life?

For a beauty tip to be considered “good” or helpful, it has to go through several trials first and its effectiveness should have been proven by many. Therefore, it’s important to look for beauty advice that have been tried by several trusted people, with results to show for its efficacy. Only then can you judge it as worth trying out.

Following the wrong beauty tips won't only be a waste of time and money; it may even be harmful to your skin or health. It’s time to stop believing the myths. Here are the 4 most common pieces of (wrong) advice on beauty – and what to do instead of blindly following them.

1. “Apply moisturiser while the skin is still damp.”
Applying moisturiser to lock in your skin’s moisture is probably the most often-quoted piece of beauty advice of all. Yes, it makes sense to apply lotion to your skin while it’s still a little damp as it can help the product to soak in easily into your skin. However, if you apply moisturiser while your skin is still completely wet, it will result in slippery skin.

The best thing to do is to pat your face or your body with a soft towel until dry and ensure there’s no water left, then you can apply the moisturiser onto your skin.

2. “Swipe lipstick or lip gloss on your lids as an eyeshadow substitute.”
While some lip colours may look pretty on your eyelids, the issue is the consistency. Lipsticks and lip glosses are sticky, and using them as eyeshadow can be too greasy for your eye area. Plus, lip products are mostly creamy, and may may lead to creasing if applied on your lids.

If you don’t have an eyeshadow ready, leave your lid clean and use other eye products such as eyeliner or mascara to create a beautiful eye look.

3. “Try out the foundation shade on your hand.”
The skin on your face will have a different colour and tone from the rest of your body. Trying to find the right foundation shade for your face by applying it on your hand is a big no.

Instead, apply a small amount of the foundation on your neck or swatch it along your jawline as these are the closest areas to your face.

4. “Swipe concealer under your eyes.”
Applying light-coloured concealer under your eyes can highlight the area and give you a fresh look as it conceals dark circles and eye bags. However, if you apply it the wrong way, it may appear like you just created a new disaster under your eye.

If you want to highlight the undereye area, try putting on concealer that's a level lighter than your original skin shade. Apply it in the shape of an upside-down triangle, not in the usual half-moon shape. Blend and don’t forget to set it with a good setting powder, so it won’t crease or melt during the day.

Beauty aficionados now have more access to information and tips on makeup, cosmetics and skin care. But it’s better to do your homework before trying out any suggestions. Get the facts straight from the top beauty experts in your area such as Eden Institute, one of the most trusted cosmetic surgery facility in Australia today. 


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