3 Ways to Style Your Bathroom with Tiles

3 Ways to Style Your Bathroom with Tiles

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People usually spend most of their time in the bathroom. Because of that, there’s no reason it shouldn’t look just as cohesively designed as any other room in your house. The complete look of your bathroom is strongly influenced by tile choice. Material finish, pattern, and choice all come together to make a whole. Thinking and planning your design can juggle many choices, and not all of those choices can be easy to digest. Here are some shortlist ideas and inspirations to transform your space.

Texture tile cuts.
Try texturing different tile cuts. In addition to this, when you use large tiles on the floor of your bathroom, it makes your room larger and easier to clean. Save small tiling for places that you interact with, such as towel areas, sinks and the interior of a shower cubicle. It will make your bathroom appear more intimate, and draw your eye to them as focal points.

Keep in mind that this is lived space that you’re going to use often. The major advantages of large tiling are that it’s easy to clean because it’s less grouting, and it has a more flat surface that will help you mop quickly. Yet, rough or overly textured cut with small tiling can turn cleaning to waste some time.

Dig more rustic look.
Digging more rustic look can transform the mood and ambience of your bathroom entirely. An often overlooked consideration for tiling is the choice of grout. When you choose a dark grout and contrast it against pale wooden flooring, it can heighten the illusion. Wanted or unwanted, against some tiling a dark grout will add contrast. When you want a low-contrasting look, try using a grout that’s lighter, and vice versa for high contrast.

Style with colour and texture.
A well-organised style in colour and texture for both the wall and floors of the bathroom is always the best bet for many people, and it’s worth pointing it out for the extensive majority of cases. Like patterned light, low-contrasting tile surfaces will help make your bathroom appear larger and bigger and this is especially important in high-density urban housing.

If you’re too lucky to have a great view from your bathroom, try opening up with a glass ‘feature wall’ — one-sided, of course, we don’t want to bare it all and let the world see it. This works well when combined with the space-widening effect of light tiling.

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