10 Workplace Coaching Tips to Help Your Team Be More Productive

10 Workplace Coaching Tips to Help Your Team Be More Productive

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If your team is dragging their heels through an unproductive week, you don't need to wait until next week to turn things around. You can help them pick up the pace right now with these quick management bites:

Workplace Coaching Tips To Help Team Be More Productive

Help them re-prioritise.

As to-do lists get longer, it becomes difficult for employees to concentrate. Constantly communicate the top team priorities, so everyone knows where to focus their energies.

Evaluate current projects and break them down.

Assigning one large project with a deadline two month out is overwhelming. Breaking large projects up into smaller steps shows clear progress and keeps people motivated.

Provide constructive, meaningful feedback on their work.

This will develop a culture of trust and personal growth, so your employees take pride in improving their performance.

Praise a recent job well done.

A study by Mindflash showed that many employees feel the best incentive is a full appreciation for the work they've done.

Embrace autonomy.

Micromanagement obstructs the powerful motivators that come with the feeling of, "I accomplished something great today." If you're gripping the steering wheel, try letting go and see how it affects productivity.

Help them learn and improve.

Read up on the science of productivity, procrastination, and changing your mindset & then host a workshop to share tips that will help your team when they're feeling stuck.

Inspire with visual motivators.

Post motivational posters and newsworthy accomplishments around the office and remind them that they're doing great, and you believe in them. It's cheesy, but it works.

Put real effort into creating a positive company culture.

Our productivity survey showed that 57% of people are motivated by a good mood — so make sure your team is happy.

A team that plays together stays together!

When your team know one another, they'll be more comfortable collaborating and sharing ideas — which leads to better, faster outcomes. Organise a fun team outing for the near future.

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