10 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Space

10 Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Space

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A bedroom is a sanctuary of sort. At the end of a long day, it is where we rest our weariness to get recharged for the next day. In order to achieve the maximum relaxation needed by the body, a bedroom must be first conducive to rest, and rest requires certain level of tranquility. A cluttered and topsy-turvy bedroom will diminish the body rest that it can offer.

Here are ten ways to maximise relaxation in the bedroom.

1. Clutter
Remove all the things that accumulated in the bedroom. Anything which is unrelated to rest and relaxation must go. Start with the closet and remove all the clothes and things that are no longer used. Try donating used clothes to shelters and you will not only upgrade the bedroom's relaxation factor, you will also be able to help others.

2. Scented candles
Candle aroma has been used since the olden times. Not only do they provide induced tranquility, the light they produce increases the overall impact of every object present in the room. Add that to the aromatic scent that fills every nook and cranny of the bedroom and the relaxation factor rises through the roofs!

3. Filter
Air purifiers minimises the molds and other allergy inducing elements inside the room. These factors disrupt breathing and increases your stress levels. A modest filter will clean the air, thus making it easier for you to breath. More breath, more sleep.

4. TV
Get rid of the television. TV stimulates your senses and prevent you from relaxing. TV is better off put in another room.

5. Furniture
Too much furniture can clutter the bedroom and make it look disorganised. Try to go minimalist in the bedroom fixture. Absence of unnecessary furnitures give the illusion of space and make the bedroom more comfortable.

6. Mirror
Try to mount a large over-sized mirror on one of the walls. Don't hide it on the back of the door. instead, make it prominent. Aside from being aesthetically appealing, mirrors give the illusion of space. More space, more breathing room, more relaxation.

7. Carpet
Most carpets are only good when new or newly shampooed. Carpets retain dirt and other elements that affect your breathing. Try installing a hardwood on the floor. It's chic and easy to clean and polish. If you want to retain that "carpety" feel when you put your feet on the floor when you wake up in the morning, try putting a rug where you normally get up.

8. Chandelier
Chandeliers are also good for bedrooms instead of traditional lighting. Chandeliers gives the illusion of glamour and contentment.

9. Linens
Sometimes, all you have to do is change the linen colors and the whole bedroom brightens up, improving your mood and thus lowering your stress level.

10. Gallery wall
Every wall deserves an art work. The living room is not the only place where you can hang your favorite pieces. Hang your favorite pieces and prints on the bedroom wall where you can see them everytime you wake up in the morning and before beginning a new day. Inspiration abounds!


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