10 Ways to Lose Weight Through Mediterranean Diet

10 Ways to Lose Weight Through Mediterranean Diet

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Overhaul your eating habits with the magnificent tastes of the Mediterranean. The principals of this way of eating include an increased consumption of nuts, fruit and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, legumes and fish with a small amount of meat, yoghurt, cheese, and last but not least, a good splash of red wine. Studies have shown by eating a Mediterranean-inspired diet, you're less likely to have a heart attack, develop high blood pressure and cancers. Its benefits can also help reduce bad cholesterol and the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease.

What's the Mediterranean diet?
More a traditional style of eating rather than a 'diet', it’s a combination of foods and cuisines from the countries that lie on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece, Italy and Spain.

The main components are:

. Plant foods including vegetables, grains, legumes, fruit, nuts and seeds
. Low to moderate amounts of dairy foods, chicken and eggs, and very little red meat
. Fresh, seasonal and minimally processed foods
. Olive oil as the main fat used
. Fruit for dessert
. Regular wine in low to moderate amounts

1. Watch your kilojoules.
To lose weight, you need to cut back on kilojoule counts on food labels or menu boards. Check online if there's no value listed. The average person needs 8700kJ a day, but fewer if you want to lose weight — around 6700kJ a day is suitable for women.

2. Drink smart.
The best drink is water. Keep cool water around at all times and add slices of lemon, lime or mint to jazz it up. Enjoy sugar-sweetened drinks only occasionally, as they're high in empty kilojoules, and remember juices contain as many kilojoules as soft drinks. Put the brakes on alcohol to give your liver a rest and help you slim down.

3. Mind your portions.
Stay mindful of the amounts as well as the types of foods you eat. When eating away from home, order small, share it or put a bit away for later. Aim to eat two serves of fruit (two average pieces) and five serves of vegies (five handfuls) daily and you’ll be amazed how this can help balance your meals and control your kilojoules.

4. Have good vibes.
Think positive and eat food to nourish your body. Exercise because you know your body thrives on it.

5. Forget fads.
Remember that fad diets aren't a realistic way to eat. You don’t need to cut out whole food groups (carbs, fat or sugar) or buy expensive products. Being well in the long term is about enjoying mostly healthy food and a little of the treats you love.

6. Feel full.
Foods rich in protein satisfy hunger so include them in every meal. Foods high in protein include lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, yoghurt, and tofu. Foods with a low glycemic index also help fill you up, so include foods such as legumes, corn, orchard fruits, and milk products.

7. Strengthen your core.
To get the nutrients your body needs, every day you need to eat these core foods:

. Grains (preferably whole grains)
. Vegetables (a variety of colours and types) and legumes (such as lentils)
. Fruits (a variety of types, mostly fresh, some dried)
. Lean meat, poultry or seafood (or alternatives like legumes and nuts)
. Dairy foods (mostly reduced fat)
. Healthy oils, nuts and seeds

8. Be active.
We all need to plan movement and exercise into our daily routine to ensure we do it. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activities a day. Try walking part of the way to work, duck out at lunch time, or exercise early in the morning. Resistance exercise using weights or the weight of your own body is excellent to maintain bone strength and boost metabolism.

9. Snack well.
Healthy eating is all about balance: eating a variety of foods from all the food groups, and balancing the ‘everyday’ foods with the ‘sometimes’ foods. The best snacks are ‘everyday’ foods like fruit, nuts, milk, yoghurt and whole grains, bread or crispbread.

10. Eat in.
You can always be more in control of the foods you prepare yourself. You can serve yourself the right balance of foods in the right portions and without the typical excess of salt, fat, and sugar than in the restaurant and takeaway meals.

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